Bring your roadways into the LED age with the GE Spinella fixture, which can reduce the amount of energy required to light your city and highways by as much as 70%, while bringing white light benefits for improved safety and comfort for drivers and pedestrians. Developed and produced in EMEA, GE balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of a reliable outdoor fixture for all weather conditions, while offering a platform for controls and intelligence.

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Precise, Efficient, Quality Light

Spinella features GE's advanced optical reflector technology (for more information please click here) that provides significant illuminance levels with precise illumination, enabling designers to achieve the best utilization factors in a wide range of roadway application areas. The GE reflectors in the Spinella direct the light where it is needed rather into surrounding areas where it may be a nuisance to citizens or wildlife. Spinella also offers many different photometric options to meet your precise lighting requirements, while delivering reduced glare and improved light quality.

Efficiency and Intelligence for Great Cost Performance

The Spinella is designed to accommodate a variety of intelligent devices and applications such as controls and sensors, including GE's LightGrid™ technology. This can enable customers to use the fixture in the most efficient way, for example according to usage patterns, which translates into cost savings. In addition, the ‘intelligent' features that can be used in conjunction with the Spinella open the door to a range of possibilities: operators can monitor lighting systems real time, 24/7, responding to alerts and collecting data that can be used to optimise performance and even to facilitate analytics and software services for traffic management and beyond.

Reliability for Long Life and Reduced Maintenance

Like all of GE's luminaires, the Spinella has undergone rigorous testing and quality control. In addition, a sleek and robust heat sink removes damaging heat from the LEDs and ensures reliable performance over the life of the luminaire, resulting reduced maintenance frequency and operating cost. The Spinella fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of life at L90, at an average of 25°C. When maintenance is required, the Spinella makes it easy thanks to its tool-less driver gear tray.

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