GE's New Tunnel Luminaires TLBt & TMBt


Bring great light from GE into your tunnels with the TLBt and TMBt, GE's new single and double module tunnel lighting fixtures. These new fixtures are highly durable and reliable for long lifetime, with an easy and rapid tool-less maintenance solution to speed up installation and reduce maintenance costs. The TLBt & TMBt are available in a range of optical combinations for flexibility across a wide range of applications such as low and high speed tunnels, underpasses and industrial areas.

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Cost Effective and Safe LED Tunnel Lighting

Upgrading to our tunnel LED solution could reduce the amount of energy required to light your tunnels by as much as 70%, which can translate into tremendous cost savings. Meanwhile, our tunnel lighting solution can increase light quality and therefore safety through better visibility for drivers, who can react more rapidly to emergencies and other situations in tunnels, where every second matters.

Rapid Maintenance and Long Lifetime

Closing a Tunnel for maintenance can be a problem not only for the users but the operator as well. Thanks to the TLBt & TMBt's tool-less driver gear tray and light engine, maintenance is a breeze. The tunnel fixtures' IP66 rating for electrical and optical compartments ensures the long lifetime, while the sleek and robust heat sink removes damaging heat from the LEDs and ensure reliable performance over the life of the luminaire, which is rated for 60,000 hours of life at L90 at 25°C.

GE's Superior Reflector Technology

Both TLBt and TMBt feature GE's advanced optical reflector technology that provides significant illuminance levels with precise illumination, enabling designers to achieve the best utilization factors in tunnel applications. With GE's reflectors the light can be directed where it is needed, which leads to efficiencies and savings, while delivering reduced glare and improved light quality (for more information please click here).

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