GE Spiral CFL Lamps

SPIRAL - One of the most popular bulb shapes

One of the most popular bulb shapes is the spiral. With its small size, it will fit the majority of applications currently using incandescent bulbs. Providing more light than the original stick lamps, spiral lamps are one of the most eco-friendly energy saving solutions available today.

The LongLast™ Compact Fluorescent Light

Think of your living room. Can you name anything that was already there 15 years ago? You see, things wear out, fashion come and go. You have probably changed everything in your living room at least once. It is good to know that now with the LongLast™ T2 lightbulb some things don't have to change. With only quick one step you can install your lamp which will provide you with quality light and a great visual appearance for the next 15 years.

LongLast™ T2 Spiral 15,000 hours

CFL integrated LongLast T2 Spiral lightbulb from GE Lighting

LongLast™ T2 Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) is the smallest size long life CFL lightbulb in the market. This unique GE product offers excellent light quality over it's 15,000 hours lifetime and can be used in any indoor or outdoor applications.

Dimmable Spiral T3 10,000 hours

CFL integrated dimmable Spiral T3 lightbulb from GE Lighting

The T3 10,000 hours dimmable spiral lamp is a premium solution combining energy savings with the ability to create the desired mood by adjusting the light level. Spiral shaped lamps provide an energy saving alternative for almost all applications where incandescent bulbs are currently used – ensuring excellent light quality and reliable energy savings.

Dimmable Spiral T3 10,000 hours lamps are recommendedfor general indoor and outdoor (in enclosed fittings) applications such as home lighting, retail lighting, hotels, restaurants, corridors, hallways, gardens and courtyards.

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