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High Performance Halogen Reflectors

GE halogen reflector lamps combine outstanding light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy. They are well suited to creative lighting, with a choice of wattages, beam angles and technical types delivering design flexibility.

High output light, precise control and a wide range of product/ performance options make this range ideal for creative solutions

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Halogen reflectors from GE Lighting Europe

GE's halogen reflector range provides compact, high output light sources with extensive scope for providing creative lighting solutions. As with other GE halogen lamps, they combine the advantage of very high light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy.

Benefits for lighting designers include a wide variety of wattages, beam angles and technical types, enabling a high degree of flexibility and creativity in terms of application design. For end users, the ability to upgrade from standard halogen reflectors to GE energy saving reflectors offers significant savings potential over the lifetime of the lamp.

  • Up to 43% energy saving using energy saver MR16 IR lamps
  • Crisp white light (CCT up to 3000K)
  • Excellent colour rendering (100% CRI)
  • Long lasting bright light – more than 90% lumen maintenance
  • Precise beam control – wide range of options
  • Up to 6,000 hours life time – 3x more than conventional products


Managing light and heat

Managing light and heat for Halogen Reflectors

Two types of halogen reflector are available to manage different heat requirements. Dichroic lamps are the preferred option for lighting heat sensitive objects as much of the heat emitted by the filament is transmitted out through the back of the reflector. Alutech is the opposite – heat is generally reflected forwards – making it ideal when there are sensitive materials or components behind the lamp.

ConstantColor™ – light where you need it

ConstantColor™ Halogen Reflector from GE Lighting Europe

ConstantColor™ reflectors benefit from two reflector coatings, one inside and one outside the reflector, thereby reducing the amount of backlight that would otherwise be wasted from the rear of the lamp.
Infra-red light – heat – is still efficiently transmitted from the rear however, giving the cool beam effect.

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