ERP Legislation for GE's HID Lamps

Helping achieve a greener future ErP legislation for HID lamps

GE Lighting is fully committed to helping customers reduce carbon emissions through more energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Legislation and the resulting obsolescence of non-compliant lamps is driving a rapid shift to more energy efficient lamps. At GE we have a full range of cost effective and reliable solutions to this challenge, enabling the easy and efficient replacement of phased-out lamps in the street lighting and industrial sectors. – usually through a simple relamping option.

Driving energy efficiency

As a member of the European Lamp Companies Federation, we have helped develop the new energy-efficient regulations now being implemented. Among these is the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, which sets minimum performance and efficiency standards in the domestic and tertiary (office, industrial and street) lighting sectors for factors such as:

  • Efficacy
  • Lumen maintenance
  • Lamp survival
  • Colour rendering (Ra)
The requirements of ErP will necessitate the phasing out of a number of popular lighting types by 2017, including selected 'standard' high-pressure sodium (including retrofit), high-pressure mercury, and standard performance metal halide.

Phasing out will happen in various stages, commencing 13 April 2012 (tertiary – street lighting sector). Current installations using outdated technology will eventually need to be upgraded either by retrofitting (lamp only replacement) or complete replacement of lamp and ballast.

ERP Legistation for GE'S HID Lamps.

CMH – cost effective, powerful white light

White light HID Lamps by GE Lighting.

GE's ConstantColor™ Ceramic Metal Halide StreetWise™ range can easily be retrofitted into existing High Pressure Sodium luminaires with a one to one lamp replacement.

The advanced technology of the GE CMH lighting ranges is designed to meet the highest standards of modern urban lighting. It offers unbeatable product reliability, efficiency and long-lasting performance as a compact light source, providing bright, white light.

Lucalox™ XO – outstanding performance

GE also provides premium performance High Pressure Sodium lamps through our Lucalox™ XO ranges. As well as delivering significant reductions in maintenance costs, these ranges offer the efficiency, reliability and life time performance necessary to meet the requirements of regulations such as ErP.

LED Outdoor lighting solutions

We offer a complete range of LED luminaire replacements for outdoor lighting.

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