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Quartz Metal Halide Lamps

GE offers a wide range of high-efficiency quartz metal halide lamps that produce crisp white light and deliver exceptional long life.

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Ideal for new installations and facility upgrades, GE PulseArc® Lamps are the most efficient metal halide lamps available, producing desired light levels with lower wattage lamps or fewer fixtures.  Either way you save. They also have fast warm-up and restart times, reaching full light output more than 50% sooner than standard metal halide lamps.

And with up to 50% longer life—up to 30,000-hour life on burn cycles of 12 hours per start—maintenance costs are reduced substantially.  High lumen maintenance also contributes to extended relamp cycles.

GE PulseArc® lamps are available in high output and extra high output versions for 320W and 400W levels, offering maximum flexibility in designing a lighting layout.  The 750W PulseArc® is an excellent retrofit for a 1,000W metal halide.

Protected Metal Halide

Suitable for use in open luminaries, GE Protected Metal Halide Lamps are designed to meet the containment test specified in ANSI C78.389. They are available in ceramic metal halide, MXR, and MP.  MPR lamps employ a quartz shroud that surrounds the arc tube to reduce the potential risk to persons and property in the unlikely case of an arc tube rupture.

GE's Protected Ceramic Metal Halide and Quartz MPR Lamps are equipped with an EX39 exclusionary base. GE MXR Protected Metal Halide Lamps employ E26 medium bases.


ChromaFIT™ Multi-Vapor Lamps

A direct replacement for standard HPS lamps, GE ChromaFit™ Multi-Vapor® lamps provide improved crisp white color without expensive ballast or fixture change. ChromaFit™ lamps provide the crisp white light typical of metal halide lamps, adding sparkle and comfort to any setting.  In addition, they feature a color rendering index of 65 for the clear lamp and 70 for the coated version and  are highly efficient, providing up to 100 lumens per watt of quality light.

GE ChromaFit™ Multi-Vapor® lamps are designed to operate on ANSI standard S50 and S51 ballasts. They are available in 250-watt and 400-watt versions.

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