LED Retrofit lamps

Instant Fit, Instant Light, Instant Upgrade!

Looking for the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to reap the benefits of LED lighting? GE's LED retrofit lamps offer an instant upgrade from incandescent, compact fluorescent and halogen lamps, fitting straight into existing fittings. Flick the switch and as well as instant light you get major reduction in energy costs plus the maintenance and replacement savings that come with a lifetime up to 25x longer than incandescent lamps.
Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly, GE's directional and non-directional LED retrofit lamps are available in a wide range of models.

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Directional Lighting

LED Directional

With their reduced spill light and high application efficacy, GE Lighting's directional LED products can give you the perfect solution, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of switching to LED lighting.

Non-directional Lighting

LED Nondirectional

GE Lighting's energy- and cost-efficient non-directional LED products also provide a multi-directional light output. Just like a traditional light bulb – but with an 80% energy saving. They are the perfect choice for lighting your hotel or restaurant – just as well as your own home.

LED Dimming Compatibility

LED Dimming Compatibility Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

Find information about the dimming compatibility of our LED retrofit EnergySmart™ GU10, PAR20, PAR30, R50 and Decor lamps.

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