Instant Fit, Instant Light, Instant Upgrade!

Instant Fit, Instant Light, Instant Upgrade!

LED technology has changed the world of lighting forever, delivering major savings in energy, instant illumination and a working life up to 25x longer than incandescent lamps. And at GE we've made selecting the right product easier than ever, with LED retrofit lamp ranges for every requirement. Need premium performance with optimum aesthetics? Take a look at our Precise™ range. For mainstream applications and an outstanding combination of performance and efficiency, choose our EnergySmart™ range. And when economy is the No.1 requirement, there's our affordable GE LED Start range.

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LED Dimming Compatibility

LED Dimming Compatibility Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

Find information about the dimming compatibility of our LED retrofit EnergySmart™ GU10, PAR20, PAR30, R50 and Decor lamps.

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