ErP Regulations

From March 2009 a new regulation has been adopted in all EU countries: inefficient non-directional lamps will be phased out gradually from the EU  Market. On September 1st, 2009 the new European Union regulation comes into effect, preventing the manufacture of certain type of inefficient lamps for the EU market. The new legislation has been implemented to increase the use of efficient lamps by the public and industry, thereby lowering carbon emissions and energy consumption. 

The legislation will affect standard decorative shaped frosted and white lamps, all non directional incandescent lamps over 100W, frosted capsules and certain standard linear (DEQ) lamps. ‘A' energy class compact fluorescent products with such finish will continue to be available. Clear incandescent lamps, reflector (spot) lamps and speciality types will not be affected. Despite the prohibition on manufacture of these certain lamps, existing retail and commercial inventories can continue to be sold until they are exhausted.

What will happen when - Dateline for product phase out

Stage 1 September 1st 2009
All non-clear (frosted, opal, etc.) incandescent lamps including  mushroom and decorative shapes
Clear finish, high-wattage incandescent lamps greater or equal to 100W
Clear incandescent lamps with 75W and lower, F and G energy class
All non-clear halogen lamps including linear halogen (DEQ) and G9 burners
Clear halogen lamps 75W and higher including linear halogen (DEQ) and
G9 burners with ‘D' energy class or lower

Stage 2 September 1st 2010
Clear incandescent lamps with a wattage of 75W or higher
Clear halogen lamps 60W or higher, ‘D' class or lower

Stage 3 September 1st 2011
Clear incandescent lamps with a wattage of 60W or higher
Clear halogen lamps 40W or higher, ‘D' class or lower

Stage 4 September 1st 2012
Clear incandescent lamps with a wattage below 60W
Clear halogen lamps 25W or higher, ‘D' class or lower

Stage 5 September 1st 2013
Performance standard increase for all lamps (lifetime, etc.)

Stage 6 September 1st 2016
All lamps with energy efficiency label ‘C'
(except linear halogen (DEQ) and G9 burners)

Products that are not included in the scope of the ErP regulation:

  • True colour lamps (according to specified colour coordinates)
  • Directional lamps (reflector lamps)
  • Lamps with lumen less than 60 lm and higher than 12,000 lm
  • UV lamps (according to specific radiation requirements)
  • CFL lamps with non-integrated ballast
  • High-intensity discharge lamps
  • E14/E27/B22/B15 lamps with voltage equal or less than
    60V and without integrated transformer (till 2013)
  • S14, S15 and S19 base linear incandescent lamps till 2012

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