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GE's incandescent lamps trace their ancestry to the world's first practicalelectric bulb, invented by Thomas Alva Edison, founder in 1879 of the company that became General Electric Company.Incandescent lamps are the most familiar type of light source with countless applications. Available in all shapes and sizes, they offer particular qualities of light to suit specific applications.

In an incandescent lamp, light is generated by heating the filament toincandescence. The hotter the filament, the more efficient it is in converting electricity to light. However, when the filament operates hotter, its life is shortened so the design of each lamp is a balance between efficiency and life.

Replacement guide

By simply switching to eco-friendly bulbs in the home and workplace, people everywhere can lower carbon emissions and energy consumption.
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ErP Regulations

From March 2009 a new regulation has been adopted in all EU countries: inefficient non-directional lamps will be phased out gradually from the EU Market.
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