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All LED systems are not the same

How can you be sure that one LED system is better than another? What is your assurance that a given product will last as long as its manufacturer claims? How can you trust such an important long-term investment to a supplier without a proven record of experience?

Setting the standard

Making an informed decision on a LED system is unlike any other lighting purchase. Comparing fluorescent, incandescent or HID products to each other is easier because there are long established industry standards you can rely on but that is not so with LEDs. GE is actively working with the IEC, ELC, CELMA, ELMAPS and ANSI, as well as third party testing laboratories like Intertek, to develop measurement efficiency and performance guidelines. In addition GE is playing an active role in the ZHAGA consortium to establish standards for LED light engine interfaces. There are many companies offering LED products and making claims about performance and it is hard for customers to know whom or what to believe. Rest assured that every GE LED system is backed by our expertise from over 100 years in the lighting business. Every performance claim we make is supported by stringent, comprehensive testing.

GE takes reliability testing to the extreme

LED Replacement Lamps for retail lighting by GE Lighting Europe

Rather than rely solely on test data from LED suppliers, we test the LED, sub-system and complete system at our in-house and independent laboratories around the world. Validation of our designs, components, products and processes include high-temperature, high-humidity and accelerated life testing. For example, all of our new LED systems must undergo high-temperature testing at 60 °C for at least 10% of its rated life to help validate performance – 5,000 hours (or 7 months) of continuous testing under extreme temperatures for a product with a rated life of 50,000 hours.
To help ensure long-term performance, we continue to test our products even after initial launch. For example, the LED Area Light, launched in mid-2009, has already amassed more than 10,000 hours of reliability test data to further support our 50,000 hour life rating. Also, there is an original GE Tetra® LED product that has been in a high-temperature chamber at 60 °C for more than 7 years (70,000 hours). Even under extreme temperatures, this product still delivers more than 53% of its original light output and has exceeded both rated life and performance claims (50,000 hour life with 50% lumen maintenance).

Leading the future of LED

Leading the future of LED

GE is one of the largest LED systems companies in the world. Our expansive installed base includes more than 7.62 million metres of LED linear lighting with a warranty return rate of less than 0.05%. In addition, as a trusted partner in the transportation segment, GE has more than 6 million LED signals in 24/7 operation around the globe. 

Further proof of our success: the Next Generation Luminaires™ Solid State Lighting Design Competition gave us the “best in class” award for Immersion® LED Display Case Lighting and a “special recognition” for GE LED Cove Lighting as a marketready luminaire. GE Lighting was the original innovator of the first commercial LED in 1962 and is an innovation market leader in LEDs for a variety of applications such as traffic and rail signals, signage, outdoor area lighting, and refrigerated display lighting. The company has a strong presence in emerging LED markets which include:

  • Architectural lighting
  • Commercial display lighting
  • Residential and professional retrofit lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Street lighting

Proof of our success

In the 2009 Lighting Design Award our Vio LED technology was recognised by the judges as ‘a major advance in colour stability'. GE also received ‘Best in Class' awards in 2008 and 2009 at the Next Generation Luminaires competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy, for retail and outdoor LED products.

Why LED?

LED solutions are receiving global recognition for their energy saving capabilities, long service life and the ability to reduce carbon emissions across a host of different sectors. LED solutions will play a pivotal role in the future of lighting. However, when it comes to selection, how can you be sure that one system is better than another? After all, every company will tell you that theirs, understandably, is the best. GE Lighting LEDs come from a lighting heritage that is, quite simply, unsurpassed. The company introduced LED technology to the world with the patent for the first practical, commercialised LED for indication applications in 1962. Since then, GE Lighting has pioneered the use of LED solutions and today is one of the largest LED companies in the world. GE Lighting continues to develop high quality LED solutions and who better to rely on than those who invented the technology and developed it into the global phenomenon we see now. With over 130 years of expertise, GE Lighting has the knowledge and cutting edge LED solutions to guide you effortlessly into the future of light.

Environmental efficiency

While the efficiency of GE LED systems is paramount, they are conceived with the complete environmental audit trail in mind, including manufacturing and disposal. The WEEE and RoHS directives place a responsibility on manufacturers to minimise the environmental impact of the construction and disposal of electrical products and among other things they address concerns about mercury entering the environment. GE LEDs contain no mercury or glass, which greatly reduces the burden of disposal or recycling.

  • Low energy consumption reduces carbon emissions
  • Compliant with WEEE and RoHS
  • Produced locally where possible to reduce carbon footprint

tech_ecomagination_215x32.jpg a GE commitment
This philosophy is embodied in ecomaginationsm, GE's initiative to create a better quality of life for all the world's citizens and create long-lasting environmental solutions through the use of technology. ecomaginationsm is at the core of many of GE's technologies and GE Lighting has made a major contribution with high efficiency products right across the range. But there is more to it than efficiency. GE aims to produce products which have the least possible environmental impact during production and also when their useful life is finished. There is no better example of these qualities than the LED – conceived by GE in 1962. Efficient and exceptionally long lasting, it has no mercury content and presents a far lower risk for disposal and recycling than many other light sources.

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