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LED Systems

LED lighting systems from GE are designed as long term commitment to efficiency and low maintenance. By creating products that are versatile and have a wide range of applications, GE's engineers ensure that they will deliver efficient service, wherever they are used. GE LED light sources enable the design of highly efficient optical systems that only light the desired area. The less precise control of larger, non-LED light sources often results in light spillage. Also, the extreme long life of the LED light source – typically 50,000 hours - drastically reduces the time and cost of maintenance compared to other light sources.

RDL Range

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting by GE Lighting Europe

IMMERSION® LED Refrigerated Display Lighting from GE has changed the way people see refrigerated displays. Standard fluorescent lighting will flood a display case with broad and diffuse light which can create shadows, light spillage and glare. Unlike fluorescent, dedicated GE LED systems distribute light evenly on the shelves and throughout the case. Cabinets achieve higher average illuminance and therefore become much more eye-catching. At the same time, IMMERSION® allows retailers to dramatically bring down operating costs and energy consumption. These products comply with GE's Ecomagination initiative, ensuring that light fittings fulfil high performance claims without containing any mercury, lead or glass. Long life reduces material waste. Consequently it makes handling and recycling less of a concern. Lightbars can be easily incorporated into new vertical/horizontal cases or retrofitted into existing ones.

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Tetra Range

LED Tetra Range from GE Lighting Europe

GE's robust and patented Tetra LED Lighting Systems enable infinite signage applications, indoors or out. Judged against the performance of standard neon or fluorescent lamps, Tetra LED systems provide significant energy cost reductions, easier jobsite installation, less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness and uniformity across your signs.GE Tetra high-efficiency, long life LED systems deliver exceptional performance for channel letter, border lighting and box sign applications.

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LED Cove Lighting

LED Cove Lighting System From GE Lighting Europe

GE's LED Cove system is renowned for its ease of installation, exceptional efficacy and long life. This system has been specially designed for illumination of long runs. Each LED fixture consumes just 6.5 watts and delivers high quality white light at outstanding efficiency - up to 49 lumens per watt. LED Cove is powered directly from line voltage thanks to its integral electronics. Because LEDs are subject to very little loss of output, areas stay uniformly lit throughout the life of an installation, with no dark spots or shadows caused by premature lamp failure.

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  • High efficiency 
  • 50,000 hour lifetime and ongoing performance 
  • 30 cm long fixtures and flexible connectors 
  • Up to 330 units connected to a single main outlet 
  • Dimmable system with electronic
    low voltage reverse phase control dimmer 
  • Mounting tracks in 3 different positions.
  • 7 times more efficient than neon 
  • Decrease maintenance costs 
  • Allow lighting around curves and corners 
  • Fast and hassle-free installation 
  • No additional components are needed,
    thus saving installation cost 
  • Controls light direction for maximum versatility.

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