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Designing a lighting scheme for a stretch of road is by no means as simple as it may first appear. There are guidelines that advise on the required brightness levels, and widely available information on the energy efficiency of different lighting types. Given the huge public investment involved, one of the main requirements for traffic lighting is the highest illuminance for the least cost, so high efficacy, long-life sources are the standard. For safety and security reasons, outdoor lighting must also create highly uniform lighting on the road surface, with minimum glare. In addition, cities and towns are becoming 24 hour venues with ongoing activity, day or night. In order to facilitate this 24/7 operation we need light; but the lighting solution needs to provide more than just functional illumination. It also needs to be aesthetically pleasing both during daylight hours and whilst in operation. With all these requirements in mind GE Lighting manufactures a comprehensive range of outdoor lighting fittings. The range provides lighting solutions for secondary residential roads, through to highways and motorways and decorative amenity lighting fittings to help create a more pleasing environment.

The benefits of white light

There's a new light in town - and on motorways, bridges, pedestrian areas and carparks - and that's white light.  For comfort, safety and security the latest white light technologies can offer immediate energy savings on installation and a better respect for the environment. Much closer to daylight, the ambience of white light is perceived as being brighter because you can distinguish colours more easily.  This, in turn, makes a person feel more secure and comfortable in their surroundings as it enables easier recognition of people's faces and other details.  It also acts as more of a crime deterrent and makes for clearer CCTV images. In addition, for road users studies have shown that a car driver's reaction time (mesopic vision) is at least six times higher under white light and the higher colour rendering also improves obstacle recognition.

Okapi LED

The Okapi LED luminaire is the latest addition to GE Lighting's exterior range.

This energy efficient luminaire is available in three mounting options, to offer a flexible LED outdoor lighting solution. The ideal combination between the aesthetic and functionality makes this luminaire the perfect solution for the replacement of conventional luminaires with traditional light sources.

  • Three different mounting options for versatility
  • Advanced LED optical system
  • High efficiency, reliable LED system
LED Outdoor Lighting – Okapi LED by GE Lighting Europe
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The GE ERS LED Scalable fixtures provide optimal illumination for both local and major roadways.

Preserving the aesthetic look of traditional roadway fixtures, GE balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of an outdoor fixture facing extreme weather conditions. The refined thermal management system incorporates a sleek and robust heat sink directly into the fixture to ensure maximum heat transfer and long LED life. This reliable system offers more than 12 years of service life to reduce maintenance frequency and expense, based on a 50,000 hours life.

LED Outdoor Lighting – ERS – GE Lighting Europe
  • Robust die cast aluminium housing
  • Available from 43W to 258W
  • Choice of 5 reflector options
  • Up to a 50-percent reduction in system energy compared with standard HID systems
  • Programmable dimming options (0-10V and DALI)
  • Ambient temperature from -40˚C to +50˚C
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LED Area Lighter

GE's new LED Area Lighter is perfect for site, area and general lighting.

Its optical ring design produces superior vertical illuminance and efficiently delivers the required amount of light for each application, without wasteful or irritating light spill into neighbouring areas.

  • Die-cast aluminium IP65 housing
  • 85% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours
  • Increased output efficiency and instant-on
  • Modular design that provides 34 photometric combinations, in two colour temperatures - 4000K and 5700K (CRI 70)
  • Solid state light source. Robust design, excellent vibration resistance
  • Integral dimmable analogue driver
LED Area Lighter of GE Lighting for outdoor lighting solutions
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Iberia LED

Iberia LED combines a stylish design with a wide range of different mounting options. It is a versatile luminaire suitable for architectural and urban environments, as well as roadway lighting.

In wattages up to 90W, it has a choice of symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution. Coupled with the other options that are available, this makes Iberia LED a highly versatile luminaire for amenity lighting, pedestrian areas and squares.

  • Integral dimmable analogue driver for remote monitoring and control
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution
  • Die-cast aluminium housing
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 85% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours
  • Limited wattage up to 90W
  • 5700 and 4100K
Iberia LED of GE Lighting for outdoor lighting solutions
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Duna LED

The perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, Duna LED is ideal for efficient lighting of residential areas, parks and gardens,commercial centres, pedestrian walkways and squares.

Duna LED is a decorative luminaire designed as an attractive truncated cone. It uses LED technology up to 88W with symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions.

Duna LED from GE Lighting Europe
  • LED technology up to 88W
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution
  • CRI 70, CCT 4100 and 5700K
  • Die-cast aluminium housing
  • Upper housing: one-piece spun aluminium
  • Integral dimmable analog driver for remote monitoring and control
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