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The T5 Watt-Miser™ uses 5% less energy than GE T5 LongLast™, yet delivers the same lumen output.
Take total system efficiency into account and the energy saving can be as high as 45% against standard T8 tubes. As electricity costs account for over 90 percent of total lighting costs - these savings have a big impact on reducing electricity expenses. The super-slim T5 design not only reduces CO2 emissions but also waste disposal. Now offices, schools, colleges, public buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, hypermarkets and supermarkets - in fact, anywhere with very long lighting cycles - can benefit from significant energy savings.

T5 LongLast - Greater efficiency and output. Greater value.

With up to 36,000 hours of operating life, T5 LongLast™ LFLs offer the perfect way to upgrade current lighting within a tight budget – especially in areas where re-lamping is difficult or requires special equipment. The T5 LongLast™ range is the perfect blend of value and performance. It's designed to deliver longer life with uncompromised performance versus other lamps on the market, with sustained output levels and high-quality illumination. The lamps are suitable for all stores, warehouses, factories and other large industrial sites as well as public buildings and spaces.

T5 Miniature lamps - Mini size. Maxi impact.

 LFL T5 Miniature Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

T5 Miniature fluorescent lamps are designed for confined spaces in household and industrial settings. These lamps are widely used in different applications such as furniture cabinets and mobile homes as well as sign illumination. T5 Miniature lamps are perfectly suited for use in maintained and non-maintained emergency modules and escape signs. GE T5 Miniature Standard lamps offer you an economic solution for general application areas, while the Polylux™ types are ideal for all kinds of application areas where quality of light is an important factor.

GE's T5 Miniature Specfill™ lamps are specially designed for emergency operation, and are a perfect fit and premium solution in any other T5 Miniature application. The robust cathode design of this lamp ensures very good reliability at low operating power in emergency mode. It also extends the lifetime in normal operation to 8,000 hours.

T5 CircLine lamps - The ideal answer for decorative and architectural lighting

A popular alternative to conventional strip lighting, T5 CircLine circular lamps are a great complement to our energy-saving range. This ring-shaped fluorescent lamp enables the use of eye-catching slender and shallow ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures. Lighting designers love the unique shape of this product, together with its high efficiency, excellent colour quality and the way it creates light without shadows.
Ideal for offices, retail, hotels, restaurants and in the home.

LFL T5 CircLine by GE Lighting Europe
  • Circular shape with 16mm bulb diameter 
  • 2GX13 base
  • Up to 83 lm/W lamp efficiency
  • Low mercury content
  • Operated with electronic ballasts
  • Suitable for recessed, pendant and wall-mounted fixtures

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