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Save energy costs and cut CO2 emissions with a simple change of tube, thanks to the T8 Watt-Miser™. It's ideal for any T8 indoor application from a single fitting to large-scale installations such as offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, schools and public buildings. You could save up to 10% on running costs, with rapid payback times typically less than a year – that's faster than many other products on the market today. Our commitment is to help save the environment: the T8 Watt-Miser™ also means fewer carbon emissions.

T8 LongLast - Higher performance and reliability. Lower costs.

Performance doesn't get much better than this – T8 LongLast™ LFLs are in a league of their own with up to 46,000 hours of operating life. The result? Superior, longer-lasting lighting with extended operating performance, improved energy efficiency and lower overall maintenance costs. T8 LongLast™ provide the perfect answer for lamps in hard-to-reach areas, with longer service intervals yet sustained lumen performance. Use with existing control gears and fixtures to reduce the total cost of ownership as well as the environmental footprint of a building. Ideal for stores, warehouses, factories and other large industrial sites as well as public buildings and spaces.

T8 Polylux XLR - Better in every way

 LFL T8 Polylux XLR Lamps from GE Lighting Europe

More lifelike - Colours will be more vibrant, while people, merchandise and objects will look more natural. Brighter - Your interiors will appear up to 18% brighter. Greater sustainability - Our LFLs stay brighter, for longer. New lamps will match in almost perfectly. Longer lasting - GE LFLs will last for up to twice as long with electronic gear, or up to 65% longer with conventional gear. Better for the environment - GE LFLs have a low mercury content and recyclable components.

T8 covRguard - Protect your customers and your reputation

Imagine the dangers caused by a broken tube in food preparation areas or interiors with public access. Shards of glass could cause damage or injury – and even expose your business to litigation. Why take risks? covRguard™ protects both employees and the public, and helps managers comply with legislation and due diligence requirements. It comprises a protective outer sleeve that's fitted to our T5* and T8 linear fluorescent lamps, containing glass and phosphors in the event of breakage. covRguard™ is UV stable and will not affect lumen output in normal usage.


  • Safety protection against accidental damage
  • Designed for kitchens, pools, gyms, supermarkets etc.
  • 20,000 hrs / 3-hour cycle (with electronic gear)

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