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Lamps and lighting for horticulture

Growth and development of plants and vegetables is strongly influenced by the quality and amount of light they receive, and the cycle of day and night. Artificial lighting therefore plays a significant role in the horticultural industry, where it enables producers to extend and control the periods of plant growth. GE horticultural lamps allow growers to be less reliant on daylight and improve their productivity.

Spectral range

Plants respond to light of varying colour. In general, red light causes plants to become tall and “leggy” while blue light, when used alone, can cause low, stocky growth. A proper balance of red and blue energy produces plants that have normal growth and shape.


Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR, measured in micromole/sec) is essential for plant growth. GE Lucalox™ PSL (PhotoSynthesis Light) high pressure sodium lamps are designed to produce the best possible PAR performance and this performance is covered by warranty.

Lighting for fruit and vegetables

Horticulture Special Lighting by GE Lighting Europe

Growers of food plants find artificial light just as important as it is for flowering plants. Artificial light can improve the yield of a crop, and its quality. As with flowering plants, it enables growth to be timed to meet market demands. When an artificial lighting regime is applied to food crops, these are some of the benefits:

  • Plants can be used over a longer period
  • In winter, fruit can be produced with taste to match summer fruit
  • Production can start earlier
  • Year-round cultivation is possible
It is therefore possible for growers to enhance product quality and take
advantage of marketing opportunities throughout the year.

PSL technology

Specially developed for greenhouses, Lucalox™ PSL high pressure sodium lamps offer the benefits of stable lumen and micromole maintenance and a full spectrum content that promotes photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR, measured in micromole/ sec) is essential for plant growth.
Lucalox™ is available in four wattages, 250W, 400W, 600W and 750W. Simple light or lumen maintenance is not enough to create plant growth. Plants require a certain radiation level to help with photosynthesis. The Lucalox™ PSL lamp has been specially developed to provide stable lumen maintenance and increased PAR output.

 PSL Technology for horticulture lighting from GE Lighting Europe

Superb performance and high reliability:

  • GE's advanced sodium resistant ceramic helps eliminate early  failures to give a rated service life of 10,000 to 12,000 hours  for Lucalox™ PSL products.
  • In order to achieve maximum performance, GE recommends lamp replacement when the Rated Service Life is reached.
  • The lamps use extra rugged monolithic arc tubes equipped with GE Reliable Starting Technology which provides continuous high performance.

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