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The city of Alicante in Spain attributes GE Lighting LED's technology with not only high savings in the lighting of the city but also with improving to match the strict quality lighting demands for the commercial and tourist areas.


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Date: 2011

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Our customer

To match the expectations as a tourist location and a city of services, the luminaries in various areas of Alicante needed to be renewed. The project also involved introducing additional lighting in some areas utilising white-light sources to improve visual comfort and perception.

The expectation

LED street lighting in the city of Alicante by GE Lighting

The City Council's goals were clear: achieve energy savings, improve the quality of light and enhance the lighting on roadways. According to the representative of GE Lighting in Alicante, Pilar Perez, “the project had to achieve the goals of saving on consumption and maintenance and being environmentally friendly, partly by reducing polluting wastes”. To achieve these goals, it was important to install the latest generation of luminaries with the most advanced LED technology, combining improved color rendering, visual comfort and perception for greater safety.

Our solution

LED street lighting solution in the city of Alicante

The 1,3 million  Euros project has involved the installation of up to 1,600 luminaries of various types – Duna LED, Iberia LED and LED Area Lighter – in different areas of the city centre and residential neighborhoods. They were all chosen primarily for their photometric distribution (resulting in high lumino-technical uniformity) and for their constructive and aesthetic features suited to their use. As stated in the project specification, the lifetime of these luminaires is about 50,000 hours, 10 to 12 years depending on the daily operating time.

Results & benefits

LED street lighting solution in the city of Alicante

The project has enabled the city to increase the number of streets and areas that have the Energy Classification “A”, according to the Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting Regulation.
The average estimated saving, as an outcome of the relamping is about 25%, although in certain areas it exceeds 50%, depending on the different characteristics of the roadways.
In addition, the city has gained in comfort and safety and has achieved the goal of sustainable lighting.

“We have installed a testing area with LED technology and it has been done mostly on commercial areas requiring very high performance and service balance. They have been very encouraging in respect to level and quality of lighting, as well as consumption savings”, says Vicente Terol, head of the lighting division of the Alicante City Council.

Facts and numbers

GE LED Area lighter - The ideal lighting solution for general lightings and pedestrian areas

Project images

LED street lighting project made in Alicante - High-resolution images
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