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Tunnel lighting

Ankara Municipality in a cooperation with GE Lighting replaced the original HID system of one of the longest roads of city of Ankara, the Celal Bayar Boulevared with a more energy efficient LED lighting solution.


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Date: 2013

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Our customer

Celal Bayar Boulevard is one of the longest roads crossing trough Ankara, the historical capital city of Turkey. The main train station, busy office & commercial buildings, and even the University of Ankara are located along the boulevard. The city solves the road crossings by tunnels, to reduce the number of traffic jams on one of the busiest streets of Ankara.

The EGS Engineering group, a lighting design & installations company specialized for road, tunnel and park lighting was invited by the Municipality to create the new lighting scenario of the tunnels along the boulevard.

The expectation

Ankara Municipality sought an upgrade from the original HID roadway lighting system. Safety was a key objective, with a primary goal of any tunnel lighting to avoid the 'black hole' and 'flicker' effects drivers may experience when entering the tunnel. Lighting should let traffic ease safely and comfortably in and out of the tunnel and should not impede traffic circulation.

Efficiency was also key. The incumbent roadway lighting scheme consumed 163,000 kwhr of electricity per annum and Ankara Municipality required a solution that would reduce energy costs significantly, whilst providing long life - to reduce maintenance costs and the number of tunnel closures required to re-lamp.

The Solution

Working closely with EGS Engineering project team, GE Lighting proposed its 90W Tunnel LED system. Offering the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, the luminaire is ideal for the efficient lighting of low speed tunnels and underpasses.

Available in three optical options offering one symmetric and two asymmetric distributions, the LED roadway lighting system can be ceiling or wall mounted.

With a colour temperature of 5700 Kelvin and a CRI > 70, the Tunnel LED utilises white light for improved visibility and comfort. White light is now widely recognised for improving safety and security, as the human eye perceives white light more easily in low light conditions. It is easier for drivers to recognise shapes and colours and response times are improved.

With white light there is also instant restrike, improving safety in the event of a power interruption. LEDs are back on instantly, unlike HID sources that can take several minutes to restrike.

Offering a lumen maintenance of L70 at 50,000 hours, the long life of the Tunnel LED also significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Results and benefits

"It was very important for the city to achieve the best possible illuminance level, without creating glare in the tunnels. Our LED Tunnel fixture uses an optical system that provides high uniformity and excellent vertical light distribution with reduced glare. This creates a safe environment for traffic in terms of improved visibility and comfort." – said Selcuk Mert, Sales General Manager of GE Lighting Turkey.

With 260 pieces of the 90W Tunnel LED system installed, Ankara Municipality will reduce energy usage by 44%. By offering six years of 24 hour usage life operational costs have also been cut by 57%, achieving a 2.5 years' payback for the scheme.

Facts and numbers

Project images

High resolution images of the Ankara Tunnel with GE Lighting
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