GE Lighting Enhances Shoppers' Experience at ANTA Sports Stores Across China

Established in 1994, ANTA Sports is a leading top sports goods brand in China with over 7,700 stores. Constantly seeking to enhance its customers' shopping experience, ANTA has invested considerably in ensuring that each new generation of its retail stores provide a refreshing shopping experience for its customers. As a strategic partner of ANTA Sports, GE Lighting has provided its leading lighting solutions to ANTA Sports stores across China. The specified solutions enhanced the retail displays and shopping experience while ensuring that each ANTA Sports store is an extension of its premium brand positioning.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

Anta is one of the leading sporting goods companies in china. It is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2007. Anta Sports Athletic footwear market share continually grew out of the first for 7 years in mainland China. It has an extensive product portfolio, ranging from clothing to footwear, from adult to children's sizes. It also has a wide marketing and distribution network, covering 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including first, second, third, four-tier cities. So far, It has more than 7,700 retail stores in mainland China. Anta sports products also enter oversea markets, in south East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. It has continued to optimize stores display, supplying customers with a better shopping experience and increasing stronger connection with them.

The expectation

For the past year, GE Lighting completed the installation of its GE 70W PAR30 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps and Magnetic Ballasts Systems in 500 ANTA retail stores in 2011. The new lights create a conducive ambiance for shoppers while showing to advantage the attractive product displays to maximize sales opportunities. The new lighting solution utilizing GE PAR30 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps replaces existing store illumination which uses Tungsten Halogen Lamps. GE's new lighting solution will generate an estimated savings of about $1.6 M per annum in terms of energy usage and maintenance. This translates to a payback period of 1.96 years.

Ms. Li Yumin, Manager of ANTA Flagship Store, Suzhou added: “We have enjoyed working closely with GE Lighting over the years to enhance the retail store experience for our customers. With GE's new lighting solution, our retail stores look very vibrant and the merchandise are more attractively displayed to advantage. Majority of our customers have also given very positive feedback on the new look at our stores.”  

GE Lighting's solution

With emphasis on maintaining the current branded them, GE Lighting focused on detail optimization and convenient service. GE CMH PAR30 were proposed, helping ANTA to upgrade their lighting effect. In addition, GE Lighting also kept the existing lighting effect through the use of an improvised lighting model. It make it much easier for them to purchase. Compared with traditional halogen lamp, it can reduce energy costs by 7% and improve illumination by 30%

“After using GE's products, our stores become so sharp!”

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