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Appreciating a synergy in their eco-friendly philosophies, GE and the American cosmetics giant Aveda have worked together on Aveda's new headquarters in Turati. The lighting design has been developed by GE in partnership with Aveda and Studio April in Milan, in line with the architects main theme - a true focus on energy saving and the conservation of resources.


Milan, Italy see on map


Date: 2011

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Pre-existing situation

Before GE Office LED Lighting Solutions Aveda

A main corridor is a surprising highlight of the new design, as a tranquil ambiance has been achieved by combining warm colours, natural wood cladding and a ‘living wall', visually enhanced by LED light sources offering warm colour temperatures and high colour rendering. This and other traffic areas, waiting areas and the main entrance have benefited from the LED light recessed VIO kit, a system that boasts a consumption of only 3.6W - achieving an 80% energy saving on traditional 20W halogen solutions.  The VIO perfectly embodies the style of the project: energy savings, visual comfort and respect for the environment, all with a touch of eco-sustainable design.

Our solution

GE Office LED Lighting Solutions at Aveda 4

When it comes to recessed spotlights, VIO LED is an ideal replacement for halogen lamps. They maintain good color rendering and consistent color temperature of light due to the particular construction technique of the LED, which uses remote phosphors that, deposited on the hemispherical dome above the semiconductor, provide the maximum uniformity of colour and light. The result is an excellent issue and a uniform illumination without the "yellow ring" effect typical of white LEDs.

Results & benefits

GE Office LED Lighting Solutions at Aveda 5

VIO LED also keeps, in an extraordinary way, the color temperature throughout its life due to the fact that it is produced on a purple semiconductor chip that guarantees consistency over time, without near-blue disturbing changes. VIO lasts 50,000 hours and maintains 70% of the flow at the end of life, compared against the 2000 or 3000 hours of life of halogen lamps. The long life and the assemble in kit solution guarantee easy installation and zero maintenance, helping to significantly reduce the costs.

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