BOSAL Project

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Delivering outstanding lighting performance using a more efficient lighting design, GE Lighting has helped BOSAL achieve perfect light distribution.


Kecskemét, Hungary see on map


Date: 2016

Our Customer

BOSAL is an established global manufacturer of automotive and industrial equipment, both for the original equipment market and the aftermarket. Since the company was founded in 1923, BOSAL has had a long and impressive track record in the development, manufacturing and supply of automotive products to clients worldwide. To meet both the rising demand and the needs of its customers, BOSAL has established several production and research centers around the world and entered into production and research partnerships and formed successful joint ventures with a number of major industry players. The BOSAL Group employs over 4.900 people in 29 manufacturing plants and 18 distribution centers.

The Project

BOSAL Hungary Kft., founded in 2003, is currently the biggest towbar systems manufacturer in Central Eastern Europe, is developing tow bars for OEM/OES customers as well as for the independent after market. With the development they implemented 7546 square meters of finished goods warehouse, 699 square meters offices and 442 square meters workshop were established.

The Solution

Sza-Co Kft. is one of the main dealers of GE Lighting in Hungary, with a partnership since 1994, who was responsible for the BOSAL project. The artificial lighting of the warehouse project was designed with GE LED luminaires, in accordance with the customer's requests. The customer demand was 200 lux average illuminance which layout and luminaires according to the appended scaling has been implemented. Taking advantage of the DALI LED luminaires, in order to achieve the desired illumination, and optimize the energy usage, the 190W nominal power of the used lighting fixtures have been restricted to 160W and 170W where needed.

Results and Benefits

The main advantage of the applied technical solution that due to the extremely low number of luminaires the construction and electricity costs can be significantly reduced. Considering the lifetime of the used LED fixtures, the expenditure on the lighting system maintenance is also much lower. In addition to, the DALI LED luminaires - with auto exposure control and constant light - provide an opportunity a further reduction of the energy costs.

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