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Lighting Services Bristol has selected the LED Display Case Lighting System from GE Lighting to highlight Brighton Toy Museum's range of over 10,000 toys and models, thanks to its inherent sustainability credentials, quality of light and optical performance, in addition to its heat management system.


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Date: 2010

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Our customer

In the past year, Brighton Toy Museum has undergone major renovation work, which includes new showcases and exhibits that house period antiques and priceless model train collections.  The museum asked Lighting Services Bristol to select a cabinet lighting system that can reflect the true quality of its exhibits, which would blend seamlessly into the museum's surrounding interior environment. 

The expectation

“Traditionally, display lighting has an exceptionally high energy output,” comments Richard Ludlow, Director, at Lighting Services Bristol.  “Therefore when it came to the lighting overhaul at Brighton Toy Museum, we wanted to ensure we specified a light source that offered superior energy savings that really enhanced the products on display,” continues Richard.    

Our solution

The LED Display Case Lighting System from GE can achieve dramatic lighting effects, using significantly less energy.  It creates a bright, uniform light, which will stand out against ambient lighting, really enhancing the products that are encapsulated.  The unique solution uses multiple point sources of light to increase uniformity, reflectivity and sparkle effects to stand out from other ambient lighting in the museum. 

Results & benefits

GE Retail Lighting at Brighton Toy Museum 2

In addition to striking visual effects, the LED Display Case system uses advanced thermal management for cooler operation, ensuring the artefacts will not overheat.
The LED system offers a lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.  Moreover, the Display Case Lighting System will waste no light as it's all directed into the case.  It's also exceptionally energy efficient, typically achieving an 81% saving in energy consumption and CO2 emissions versus traditional installations. 

Richard Ludlow concludes, “In today's environment, specifying lighting that's as sustainable as possible is always top of the agenda.  We selected GE Lighting as one of our preferred suppliers - with the aim of creating some of the most stunning display lighting seen in a museum- whilst making enormous energy and maintenance savings.  The result was an exceptionally high quality of light with an advanced thermal management system – which will ensure the integrity of the displays.”

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