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Date: 2011

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Hungarian Parliament glittering in its original magnificent blaze

Renovation work at the Hungarian Parliament Building, seat of the National Assembly and one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings, has seen the installation of a new lighting system designed to highlight its outstanding architectural beauty.  A rolling programme of restoration has involved experts drawn from a wide range of specialist areas and GE Lighting was tasked with designing and installing a system that would create an innovative lighting solution while respecting the building's history.  The new illumination, based on the superb yellow and white light of GE HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamps, was formally switched on on 20th August 2011, a hugely symbolic date as this was Hungary's National Day, commemorating the foundation of the state.

Highlighting the architecture at the House of Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament Building, seat of the National Assembly, is one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings and among the city's most popular tourist destinations. Illumination based on GE's CMH lamps, with their superb white light and excellent colour maintenance, has meant that the building now looks as impressive at night as it does during the day – some might say even more so – as the light highlights its outstanding architectural beauty.

Historic Széchenyi Chain Bridge enhanced by GE Lighting

When Széchenyi Bridge opened in 1849, it became the first permanent crossing between Buda and Pest and remains one of the most beautiful bridges spanning the River Danube to this day. Two projects have enhanced the appeal of this much loved suspension bridge – affectionately known as the Chain Bridge – since it first opened in the middle of the 19th century. The first was the addition in 1852 of a pair of lions – smaller reproductions of those in London's Trafalgar Square – at either end of the bridge. The second was the installation of a lighting system based on GE CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) lamps that highlights the bridge's unique architecture and decorative detail that was previously not visible at night.

Innovative lighting system along the banks of the Danube river

GE Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Budapest 2

A new lighting system based on GE's latest CMH StreetWise™ lamps has helped to increase safety on a historic road running through an area of Budapest described by UNESCO as ‘one of the world's outstanding urban landscapes'. The area forms part of the “Banks of the Danube”, a World Heritage Site capped by the impressive Citadella that stands atop the 235 m high Gellért Hill. The installation, carried out in the autumn of 2010, covers the section between the Erzsébet and Liberty Bridges, one of Budapest's busiest roads carrying bus, tram and car traffic as well as cyclists and pedestrians. By replacing existing dozens of 150W HPS lamps with 150W GE CMH StreetWise™ lamps, the city has transformed the overall look of this part of the city, the white light contributing not only aesthetically but also from a point of view of road safety.

Increasing road safety with brighter, whiter light at Erzsébet Bridge

Opened in 1903, the 290 m long Erzsébet Bridge – named after Empress Elisabeth or ‘Sissi' – held the title of the world's longest suspension bridge for the next 23 years. The original bridge was destroyed by retreating troops towards the end of WWII but its replacement, a clean, white modernist bridge built in the 1960s, remains one of Budapest's key crossings over the Danube. A recent upgrade to the bridge's lighting system has seen the previous HPS light sources replaced by 250W GE CMH lamps. As well as the aesthetic enhancement this delivers, the brighter, whiter light also increases road traffic safety. In addition, the greater efficiency and high lumen maintenance of GE's CMH lamps means the city now enjoys longer mean time between failures and significant savings in service costs.

Dramatic lighting installation at Alkotas Office Point

Eye-catching feature lighting installed on an office complex in Budapest has given the city a new landmark building. While it may not have the history of many of the capital's other famous buildings, the Alkotas Point office complex is nevertheless a memorable sight; more than 100 m of Tetra® Contour GE LED lighting has been used to dramatic effect on this highly individual modern building. The Contour system, specifically designed for architectural use, is a flexible LED light with IP 66 that can be heat formed to ‘hug' virtually any shape. The system offers energy saving benefits of up to 40% compared to traditional neon lights, offering an exceptional combination of aesthetics and economy.

GE Lighting's ContstantColor CMH StreetWise™ Roadway Lighting

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