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In order to renew the public lighting installations, the Castellon de la Plana City Council and GE Lighting have undertaken an interesting project that had to meet two essential requirements: first, improve the energy efficiency of the city and thus reduce the energy cost, and second, install the latest generation of luminaries that would enhance the quality of the lighting.


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Date: 2011

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Our customer

LED outdoor lighting in the city of  Castellon by GE Lighting

Castellon de la Plana, with a population of approximately 180,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the province of the same name in the Valencia Autonomous Community. This medieval city on the Orange Blossom Coast, founded in 1251, has a pleasant climate and numerous sites of great ecological interest, such as the Columbretes Islands of volcanic origin which, with its various endangered bird species and marine life, is a favorite destination for scuba divers. This natural and historical wealth makes Castellón de la Plana one of the places of choice for visitors to the Spanish coast.

The expectation

One of the main challenges was to install equipment that would help save energy, in line with the current European efficiency legislation. In this project, all the existing mercury vapor lamps had to be eliminated and replaced with high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps or LEDs, which are much more efficient. The project also aimed to improve the quality of the light, eliminate luminous pollution and improve the safety of certain areas without luminaries.

Our solution

LED outdoor lighting in the city of  Castellon by GE Lighting

GE Lighting, together with the municipal engineers, has headed the first public lighting undertaking in the city of Castellon with LED technology which, added to the use of mostly ceramic metal halide lamps, has succeeded in improving the quality of lighting in the city. In addition, to achieve the efficiency targets, mercury vapor lamps have been replaced and elements for luminous flow control have been provided in the cases they did not exist. For this purpose, two-level equipment has been used in each luminary with a control line from the electric switchboard of the lighting sector, centralized luminous flow controls and electronic ballasts with capacity for individual and linear regulation of the voltage in the lamp.

Facts and numbers

Results & benefits

The 1,292 luminaries that were installed have provided energy savings ranging from 10% to 70% depending on the street or installations. In addition, many areas have moved up between 3 and 4 places on the Energy Efficiency Scale. Traffic and pedestrian safety has also increased. The City Council stresses the substantial improvement of “the public lighting installation at some specific points, such as the Parque de Mérida and the Primer Molí sports ground”. This project, as explained by city hall, has been based on “the installation of two-level electronic equipment that provides greater energy savings”. This has been possible thanks to GE's ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps, with which it has been possible to reduce consumption (during certain nighttime hours) even with magnetic equipment.

GE Lighting's ContstantColor CMH StreetWise™ Roadway Lighting

Project images

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