Dunkin' Donuts' Indonesia Flagship Store

Retail Lighting

April 2013 — American donut franchise Dunkin' Donuts' flagship store in Indonesia will lead the way in green lighting by being the first of its franchise outlets in Southeast Asia to employ a complete LED solution. The Palembang store is the 300th outlet, and the largest, for Dunkin' Donuts in the country, with a seating capacity of 200 and serving a continuous stream of customers daily. In creating an inviting ambience, the GE team will fit out 369 light points at the store with an energy-efficient retail solution comprising its LED Tetra Series and LED lamps.


Dunkin Donuts Jl. Demang Lebar Daun Palembang, Indonesia see on map


Date: 2013

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Doddy Prijambodo, Sales Manager from GE Lighting, elaborated: “Dunkin' Donuts has exacting illumination requirements to bring out the best brand image and customer experience at each of its outlets. For its flagship Palembang store, we delivered a solution that is energy-efficient while ensuring uniform illumination and improved visibility. There are an increasing number of F&B operators in the region who appreciate the better light quality and energy-savings offered by LED solutions. As leading franchises employ LED solutions on a broader scale, we are confident that this will pave the way for a change in the lighting landscape of the F&B scene in the region. GE, as the industry leader, is well-placed to meet this demand with its strong and competitive suite of products and services.”

Getty Hendry Tanuwijaya, Franchise owner of Indonesia Dunkin Donut, commented: “We are one of the most successful franchises in Indonesia and the Palembang outlet represents a key milestone in our operations in the country. To attract and serve our customers well, quality illumination that exudes an inviting ambience plays a critical role. Moreover, GE's high-quality green lighting solution supports both Dunkin' Donuts' global brand image and our corporate philosophy of being environmentally-conscious. We are very pleased with the lighting effect and energy-savings achieved, and we look forward to working with the GE team to implement its LED retail lighting solution at our future outlets.”

Creating the Right Brand Image with Quality Illumination

For Dunkin' Donuts' Palembang flagship store, the GE team will fit out 369 light points with the following solution:
  • LED Tetra PowerMAX for display of donuts (186 pieces) and LED Tetra MiniMAX for indirect/cove lighting (81 pieces). The GE LED Tetra system is a lighting solution for a wide spectrum of applications, providing quality luminance, ease of maintenance and good cost-performance.
  • LED 4.5/LED GU10 for general ambient lighting (102 pieces). This lamp is an ideal replacement for traditional lamps in providing indoor spot and environmental lighting for different applications such as retail shops, hotels and coffee bars.

Reaping Returns

The energy-efficient retail lighting solution implemented by GE will provide the Dunkin' Donuts store with better illumination and CRI, as well as improved visual comfort level and uniformity of light. In addition, the longer life span of the lights reduces maintenance costs in the longer term. On an operational front, the GE solution will achieve a 75% reduction in energy usage. This will generate estimated savings amounting to about US$21,000 per annum in terms of energy usage and maintenance. From an environmental perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating approximately 145,640 kg of carbon dioxide car emissions per year.

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