Eaglets Center Wroclaw: Decreasing Lighting Costs by 60% with GE Lighting

Office Lighting

Current intelligent and eco-friendly offices have a lot of modern facilities, thanks to which facility managers are able to decline the operating costs of energy, create a more friendly workplace and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.

LED technology, one of such solutions, has allowed the property owners of “Eaglets Center” – one of the symbols of Wroclaw city – to reduce lighting costs by 60%.


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Date: 2014

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Our Customer

"Eaglets Center" is one of the real estates belonging to EFL Service, part of the Crédit Agricole Capital Group, offering financial services for companies and individual clients alike. The company works closely with businesses across the Group: EFL SA, Carefleet SA, EFL Finance and Crédit Agricole Bank Polska. One of the main directions of its development is the management and administration of properties which are workplaces both for business partners of the Crédit Agricole Group and customers from outside the Group. In April the company modernized and changed energy-inefficient interior lighting throughout the "Eaglets Center" office building in Wroclaw; its users include the staff of Crédit Agricole Bank Polska and the European Leasing Fund. Old luminaries were replaced with 2200 new ones with LED technology from GE Lighting. As a result, the costs of lighting energy in one of the architectural symbols of the city have been reduced by 60%.

The Challenge

The property owners primarily strived to decrease the operating costs of energy. The use of modern light sources will allow the company to achieve this goal directly because LEDs are much more energy-efficient than the previous fluorescent lighting solutions. “We were looking for modern and energy-efficient solutions offered by companies with extensive experience in the field of LED technology” – says Krzysztof Kaszub, Director of Property Management and Administration of EFL Service SA. “We have established cooperation with GE Lighting because due to the offered solution, we will achieve 60% cost savings on lighting” – adds Kaszub.

The Solution

LED lights are economical and several times more durable than traditional solutions often used in companies. In the case of technologies from GE Lighting LED Lumination series used in the office "Eaglets Center", this period is 15-20 years. “We always choose adequate solutions to meet specific needs of our customers” – comments Aneta Ciereszko, GE Lighting Poland & Baltics Regional Country Manager. “For EFL Service, an important criterion was that the investment in energy-efficient lighting should be covered by the savings from lower energy consumption. The company will break even already after 6 years and make savings for the next 9-14 years.”

Results and Benefits

With far less emissions of heat by new technology, the benefit for EFL Service will also be indirect – load reduction of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). In addition, the company will reduce the maintenance costs of light sources and fittings (less frequent service and fewer light points).

Elimination of disposal costs of the previously used fluorescent lamps is another advantage. Due to the presence of environmentally harmful substances, such as mercury and phosphorus, they had to be serviced by a specialized company. LED technology is a much more eco-friendly solution, because it doesn't contain this kind of hazardous materials. The new lighting also provides aesthetic value. Owing to the replacement, horizontal and vertical uniformity of light has been improved, Credit Agricole Bank Polska and EFL offices look more modern and have more light.

“Employees are positive about the change in lighting. We have noticed that the new solution offers a better working environment and improves the efficiency of the employees" – says Robert Zielinski, President of EFL Service SA.

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