Farmatodo dresses on Green & choses the GE LED technology for its car parks

LED Technology

Venezuela, October 2013 – The incorporation of GE LED technology in projects of internal and external lighting has huge advantages: electric power economy, uniformity in the illumination and a low environmental impact. As a proof of it, the car parks of Farmatodo chain stores in Venezuela, in more than 7 states of the country, already count with this illumination technology. The new design of this spaces illumination was a joint initiative between Farmatodo, Lumi-Lux (recognized specialists in illumination from Venezuela) and GE Lighting.

Nowadays, the offices placed in Caracas, Apure, Mérida, Portuguesa, Guárico, Táchira & Cojedes already count with this new technology and they have planned to expand the implementation over Maracay, Bolívar, Zulia & Barinas. Agustín Rojas, Farmatodo's Project Manager, said GE's LED technologies were chosen for many factors: “In first place the availability in the market. Moreover, this installations contribute to energetic economy, are ecofriendly and longest rated life, which ensures longest periods until the pieces need replacement', the executive added.

Besides, the use of LED technology “contributes to the car parks illumination systems maintenance and light the spaces with higher uniformity”, as Cristian Núñes, GE LED's projects Comercial Engineer explains.

Is Farmatodo's priority that their actions be environmentally friendly, that's why the adoption of LED technologies aligns perfectly with the company goals since it lowers the use of electric power and de CO₂ emissions that result from traditional Sodium Lamps. According to Agustín Rojas, “It allows a totally ecologic discard management”. 

GE's LED illumination is advancing powerfully on its participation in the local market with quantifiable advantages: electric power economy, low maintenance ok the lights without scarifying illumination quality; environmentally friendly, without Mercury or lead; resistance to shock and vibration; and a longer rated life.


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Date: 2014

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