Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena

Stadium lighting

One of Turkey's largest sports and entertainment centres, the Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena looked towards the reliability and experience of GE Lighting to provide a complete indoor and outdoor lighting solution that was able to meet a range of complex demands.


Istambul, Turkey see on map


Date: 2013

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Our customer

The Fenerbahçe Ülker Arena is the first multi-functional venue of its kind in Istanbul, with a 15,000 seat capacity, hosting concerts, shows and sporting events.

The complex is 67,000m2 with a spectacular dome height of 28 metres. It has two Olympic sized swimming pools, several leisure areas and a range of restaurants for visitors and fans. It is the home of Fenerbahçe-Ülker's internationally accomplished basketball team and Super League soccer club.

The expectation

GE stadium lighting - EF2000 - Fenerbahce

"It was very important to trust the reliability and the experience of a brand such as GE Lighting, since there were many particularly complex aspects involved," said Rașit Kupoglu from Megapol Mühendislik, the M&E contractor for the project. "Avoiding glare, achieving high quality lighting for digital television broadcasting and the systems' reliability and safety were all essential elements for a successful result."

It was also essential that in the event of a power failure, the lights can be turned back on almost immediately, so as not to interrupt any event.

The solution

Within the indoor stadium, 60 1000W EF2000 Hot Restrike Floodlights were installed in the playing area. It is essential that lighting within applications such as this allows spectators to enjoy the game by ensuring they see the scoreboard, video screen and activity on the court clearly. The EF2000 is ideal for high-roofed large premises such as sports halls and is specifically designed optically to reduce glare. Different controllable light effects were also possible, as requested for the basketball courts.

Most importantly, the EF2000 is provided with a start-up system that restrikes in as little as two seconds, as opposed to the 15 minutes normally required for this kind of lamp.

Within the corridors and changing rooms 2000 Top DBX luminaires were installed, offering energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance. Whilst the distinctive aesthetic of the fixture complements its surroundings perfectly.

At the entrances and exits, 120 Eurobay luminaires with ceramic metal halide lamps were utilised. This indoor luminaire is ideal for commercial or industrial environments with medium-high instaIIation heights.

Finally, for the carparks, access areas and areas surrounding the sporting facilities GE's Lunalys CMH luminaires were installed. The Lunalys CMH offers efficient, high quality lighting for roads and residential areas due to highly efficient photometric reflectors - without having to compromise on the aesthetic design. It also provides easy maintenance thanks to its IP66 optical assembly.

Results and benefits

"GE Lighting's EF2000 fixtures created the ideal spectator environment. The new solution provided quality lighting and controlled light pollution, while fulfilling the needs of digital television broadcasting. But most importantly, it restrikes instantly, which is crucial for these modern sport and event halls."– summarized Mr Kupoglu.

Outdoors, the Lunalys luminaires enhanced the space, with the white light improving safety and security. Much closer to daylight, the ambience of white light is perceived as being brighter because you can distinguish colours more easily.

Facts and numbers

Project images

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