Grand Palace of Peterhof

Outdoor Lighting

GE Lighting's innovative ConstantColor Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) lamps have been used to accentuate the impressive architectural contours of the Grand Palace of Peterhof. Furthermore, the lamps have been used in combination with the GE Lighting Streetwise CMH lamps to illuminate the historic streets of St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Date: 2011

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Our solution

Over 300 GE Lighting ConstantColor™ (CMH) lamps were used to illuminate the façade of the famous Grand Palace of Peterhof, now a unique history-and-arts museum housing a collection of over 3,500 artifacts.

The ConstantColor™ CMH lamps provided an ideal solution for the Grand Palace as the range offers superior long life and lumen performance. The efficiency of the lamps results in extended replacement cycles as well as reduced maintenance costs.

Facts and numbers

Results & benefits

Following on from the successful completion of the project at the palace, GE Lighting replaced a range of existing street lighting in the historical center of St. Petersburg – Chernyshevsky Avenue and Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street. A popular area for tourists, the centre required a brighter and more natural light to enhance the urban area and increase the feeling of safety and security. 

As such, GE Lighting's new Streetwise™ range of CMH lamps were installed as they can offer municipalities the best of all worlds: bright, white ‘natural' light, significantly reduced energy costs and long life. Ideal for street, residential, park, civic and other public lighting applications, the CMH StreetWise™ lamps can be retrofitted or used on new installations.

GE Lighting's ContstantColor CMH StreetWise™ Roadway Lighting

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