Gulangyu Island

Outdoor LED Area Lighting

China, May 2013 — GE Lighting is replacing traditional high-pressure sodium lamps on Gulangyu Island with its LED Iberia, a versatile outdoor luminaire that combines design excellence with energy savings and an extraordinary luminous quality. Gulangyu Island is a high impact eco-tourism destination in Xiamen, China, renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architecture. It is one of China's National Scenic Spots and top scenic areas in the province. GE's outdoor lighting project will bring improved visibility to the island's residents and tourists as well as support the environmentally-aware direction of the island.


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Date: 2013

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Mr. Ye Guoliang, Sales General Manager of Roadway and Infrastructure from GE Lighting China, said: "This is an exciting opportunity for us to help sculpt the night space of a well-known tourism destination while ensuring that the solution implemented meets both environmental and use-of-space considerations. Taking into account our client's encompassing needs, we specified the LED Iberia. This is an energy-efficient and contemporary solution that is ideal for introducing a high quality of light and greater visibility for the different spaces while promoting the general safety of the environment. The GE LED solution is also easy to maintain compared to traditional lamps, and will achieve a nearly 40% reduction in energy usage for our client."

Mr. Ye Rongnan, Consultant and Senior Engineer of Photovoltaic Industry Association of Fujian Province, added: "It is the common wish of the local residents and visitors that the natural beauty of Gulangyu Island will be conserved and the lives on the island be harmoniously balanced, by protecting it from the noise and pollution along urbanization. To respond to Gulangyu Island's eco-friendly appeal, GE's lighting solution features its asymmetrical light distribution, which concentrates the light to the pavement area, providing better lighting efficiency while reducing energy over-consumption and environment pollution. This is all that the 20,000 and more residents as well as the continuous flows of visitors need."

Improved Visibility with Energy-Efficient Illumination

On Gulangyu Island, GE Lighting's solution comprising 584 LED Iberia fixtures will replace existing sodium lamps which have been in use for nearly eight years. The GE 90W Iberia lamps emit 90 lumens/watt, compared with the 150W high-pressure sodium lamps which provide 50 lumens/watt.

The LED Iberia is a part of GE's commitment to provide lighting products that are both energy-efficient and effective. With a stylish design and a wide range of different options, LED Iberia is a versatile luminaire suitable for amenity lighting, pedestrian areas as well as roadway lighting. It offers better quality of light in terms of reduced contrast and improved pedestrian recognition, as well as greater visual comfort. The LED Iberia has a long 50,000 hours rated lifetime, which translates to reduced maintenance costs.

Reaping Returns

On an operational front, GE's LED Iberia solution is estimated to generate savings amounting to nearly US$10,000 per annum in terms of energy usage and maintenance. 
From an environmental perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating approximately 53,850 kg of carbon dioxide car emissions per year or saving 89.33 acres of trees

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