GE Lighting Offers the Right Brew to Korea's Hollys Coffee

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GE Lighting's innovative energy-saving LED solution is the choice for today's leading retailers. With a focus on enhancing ambient lighting and customer experience, GE's design team retrofit the lighting system at 18 Holly's Coffee branches across Korea with its Energy Smart LED PAR30 lights. Holly's Coffee is a specialty coffee company headquartered in Korea and the country's first local coffee franchise with over 340 branches in Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia and the USA.


Seoul, Korea and 340 other branches in Korea, The Philippines, Malaysia and the USA. see on map


Date: 2012

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Our customer

Hollys Coffee is a specialty coffee company headquartered in Korea. The company was established in 1998 and opened Korea's first espresso shop that year. Its offers a variety of coffee and snacks. By 2008 there were more than 100 Hollys Coffee shops in Korea, and the franchise had expanded with additional stores in Japan and Malaysia.

The expectation

Mr. Han, Sales Manager at GE Lighting, elaborated: “The brief from Hollys Coffee called for a solution that would be more energy-efficient compared to their existing lighting system, as well as to maintain the same lighting level while using fewer lamps. After studying the operational and experiential considerations at the individual branches, our team proposed an energy-efficient solution comprising the innovative LED PAR30 lights to replace halogen lamps. This solution also allowed for adjustment of beam angles so that we could apply the lighting accordingly to provide optimal atmospheric experience at each Hollys Coffee branch. A total of 1,500 units of LED PAR30 lights were installed in 18 Hollys Coffee branches across Korea.”

The solution

The previous lighting system in Hollys coffee shop produced more energy consumption than required, so the customer wanted to retrofit a more energy saving system. What's more, they want to use fewer lamps while acquiring same lighting level.

GE lighting developed an energy-efficient lighting source that met requirements while reducing energy consumption from 75 watts down to 10 watts by using LED PAR30. Meanwhile by selecting varied beam angles, lighting could be applied in various scenario's which can alter the shops aesthetics. The customer is satisfied with GE's products and services, thereby installing some 250 units LED PAR30 throughout 18 branches.

Results and benefits

With GE Lighting's new lighting solution, Hollys Coffee will enjoy estimated savings of US$12,304 per annum on an operating level, in terms of energy usage (~86.67% reduction) and maintenance (~50% fewer lamps replaced). This translates to a payback period of approximately 1.15 years. From an environmental protection perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating 236,852 lbs of CO2 car emissions per year, or creating 29.4 acres of new forests

Ms. Kim, Manager of Hollys Coffee in Gangnam, Seoul, commented: “We are quite happy with the effects of GE's new LED lighting solution. The majority of our customers have also given very positive feedback on the new look at our stores The GE team fully demonstrated their understanding of our operational requirements and they bring benefit to our business.”

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