Kaposvár LED Residental Lighting Project

Outdoor Lighting

Creating modern residental lighting system with new GE LED outdoor fixtures.


Kaposvár, Hungary see on map


Date: 2015

The Customer

Kaposvár is one of the leading cities in the southwestern part of Hungary and the capital of Somogy County. With its pleasing atmosphere and lively cultural life the city plays a significant role in the region. GE Lighting cooperated with Vill-Korr Hungária Kft. - a hungarian company, which mission is to modernize lighting in cities and buildings - in order to renew the cityscape with LED solutions.

The Project

As time goes the replacement of traditional fixtures is highly needed. In Kaposvár the main aim was to create a new residental lighting system with the help of LED technology. The 20-year-old or older fixtures have been replaced with GE LED Spinellas in 55 streets of the city to improve the quality and efficiency of light in the streets.

The Solution

70W, 100W, 150W sodium lamps have been replaced by 2135 new Spinellas with an advanced optical system that minimizes glare and directs the light. This GE lighting solution balances the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of a reliable outdoor fixture in all weather conditions. The energy saving of the Spinellas is up to 70% in comparison with old technologies. According to measurments luminous intensity and light distribution improved, which enables the better visibility of the streets in Kaposvár.

Results and Benefits

Thanks to the innovation the energy costs of lighting residental streets have been reduced. Measurments show that the population is satisfied with the results and they expect energy savings due to the modernization. The long rated lifetime of the LED solution cuts the maintenance costs as well. The pictures speak for themselves, the aesthetic design of LED fixtures improve the cityscape and the streets are better illuminated, which increases the sense of comfort and security.

Project Images

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