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LED Outdoor Fixtures

Lexus of South Atlanta will see a dramatic drop in lighting costs after switching to GE Evolve™ LED Area Lights on its dealership lot. The fixtures use about 87% less energy, saving $49,000 a year.


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Date: 2012

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Our Customer

When the new ownership team of Lexus of South Atlanta assumed operations in June 2011 they quickly pinpointed one of the first things they would change: the outdoor lighting.

"The effectiveness of our old lighting was adequate at best, and once we received the first utility bill, we realized the fixtures were very inefficient, and our electricity costs for outdoor lighting were a major part of our monthly expense," says Sid Barron, general manager of Lexus of South Atlanta.

The Expectation

Interested to learn more about cost-effective lighting options, Lexus of South Atlanta contacted Georgia Power Company, the dealership's electrical utility partner.

After performing a comprehensive site analysis including efficiency studies, bill audits and equipment comparisons, Georgia Power suggested installation of 82 GE Evolve LED Area Lights on 55 poles, distributed to optimize the lighting levels for the facility and to use the existing poles and pole locations.

Our Solution

Lexus of South Atlanta agreed to invest in the new LED lighting, and the entire system was installed in December 2011, replacing 138 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures. Even before installation was complete, customers and employees were already seeing a difference.

Results & Benefits

GE's highly efficient lighting does more with less—the advanced technology and optics require less energy and light to provide a more even light distribution than the metal halide HID fixtures they replaced.

Where old HID lighting consumed 596,160 kilowatt hours (kWhs) of electricity a year, the new GE Evolve LED system draws a total of 77,289 kWhs—a nearly 87-percent reduction in electricity use. This equates to a substantial energy cost savings as Lexus of South Atlanta will now spend about $49,000 less for outdoor lighting each year.

"We were skeptical of the LED lighting at first because the energy savings seemed 'too good to be true'," explains Tom Palmer, platform manager at Lexus of South Atlanta. "Once we saw the high quality of the lighting we were receiving for a fraction of the operating cost, we were very interested. Because of the results we've seen, we are now looking into using GE LED fixtures inside our showroom."

Palmer continues, "We are saving money, our vehicles are being well displayed and we are living up to our corporate environmental goals. We have been so pleased that we are already suggesting that other dealerships follow suit and adopt these lighting systems."

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