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GE Corporate decided to replace all its fluorescent bulbs with GE Lighting's Lumination™ LED luminaire in its Madrid headquarters to achieve greater energy savings and improve the quality of light at the workplace.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

GE International has its headquarters in the Merrimak Building on Josefa Valcárcel Street in Madrid. The Merrimak Building houses the offices of GE Corporate, GE Power & Water, GE Oil & Gas, GE Energy Management and GE Transportation & Aviation. General Electric has 5,000 square meters of office space in the Merrimak III building. The building is located on the arterial road of Avenida de América. “The office occupancy rates on the Avenida de Amércia-A2 axis have been growing in the last 5 years, attracting leading companies that were previously located downtown”, says Francisco Garcia, head of the EXA (International Real Estate Consulting) offices department in Madrid in reference to this operation

The expectation

The purpose of the renovation was obvious and unmistakable: significantly improve the energy efficiency, as well as the visual comfort, by cutting the costs of both electric power consumption and maintenance. Simon Fisher, General Manager for Indoor Lighting Solutions of GE Lighting EMEA, says: “The question that our customers ask us the most is: ‘When will be a good time to change to LED technology?' And the answer is: now! With the new technology, very significant savings can be achieved in offices. There is a lot of pressure to cut costs and to act responsibly and now is the best time. In the Madrid offices, the change will yield energy savings of more than 57%.”

The solution

The installation consisted of 735 TL 3 x 18W luminaires, which have been replaced with 405 GE Lighting 600mm x 600mm Lumination™ LED luminaires. Intrinsx™ Technology is GE proprietary optical design that maximizes LED light output, in an ultra-thin design with unique light distribution patterns, minimal glare and high efficiency. Lumination Luminaires express GE Intrinsx™ Technology at his best, combining purity of lines and aesthetics to a premium lighting performance delivered through a fully dimmable and uniform illuminating surface.

GE Corporate HQ in Madrid relamped with LED Lumination Luminaires
Lumination is the durable and reliable green choice alternative to fluorescent luminaires, for a brand new lighting experience saving energy. The LED technology and the optical performance of these new luminaires work together to eliminate the common weak points in fluorescent systems. Each luminaire provides uniform and bright light (both in a diffuse, directional basis) in a thin design with a very sleek appearance. The possibility of dimming the contrast of the new GE Lighting Lumination™ LED Luminaire allows the user to improve the general aesthetics of the surroundings.

Results and benfits

The calculation – based on the required lux and daily hours of operation – confirmed that, in 5 years, €115,000 could be saved in electricity plus €20,000 in maintenance costs, with a 3-year return on the investment. The project has also succeeded in reducing the number of luminaires, which has in turn reduced the cost of installation and cleaning. The Lumination™ LED Luminaire is especially designed for ARMSTRONG type ceilings (panels), which make replacement much easier without major work.

It offers nothing but advantages because, besides turning on instantly and having a long life of 50,000 hours at L85, this GE Lighting luminaire has a 5-year warranty and will reduce CO2 emissions by 123 tons compared to the traditional solution. “The visual comfort has improved substantially in our offices, thus making our work easier because we spend many hours sitting at our desks. The light is much more uniform, there is no bothersome glare and, we also have saved a lot on energy bills. We couldn't ask for more,” says Diana Palmer, Property Leader for GE Global Operations – Properties in Madrid.

Facts and numbers

Project images

LED office lighting at GE's HQ in Madrid - High-resolution images
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