MKB Bank Yacht Port

Outdoor Lighting

The lighting system of MKB Bank Yacht Port at Lake Balaton has been upgraded with our Okapi LED with Decorative Arms along with LED Area Lighters to deliver a high quality and stylish solution serving the goal of the Bank not only to become energy efficient but also to improve the safety of the park and port for visitors on the shore and for sailing boats as well.


Balatonfüred, Hungary see on map


Date: 2013

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Our customer

"The Hungarian trade bank MKB was established in 1950 in order to take part in the international payments and trade finance, primarily to manage banking services related to foreign trade. By today, due to its dynamic development, it has become a leading bank, universal financial institution and bank group in Hungary offering solutions to retail, corporate and institutional clients.

MKB Sailing Club, one of the largest ports around, is located in Balatonfüred on the Northern shore of the biggest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton, Hungary. With its thirteen thousand citizens, the resort town, Balatonfüred is considered to be the capital of the Northern shore hosting vivid summer life including the more and more popular yachting.

The MKB Port docs 30-35 boats and has bowling and tennis courts, mini golf, pétanque, along with its own beach and club house. Until 2013 the location was only available to MKB employees but this year it opened its gates to the public. It has already driven great traffic this summer as, amongst others, MKB Port was the organizer of the 70 cruisers national competition and was the starting point of one of the most famous sailboat competitions in Hungary, the Blue Ribbon. "

The challenge

"The MKB Bank's objective was to find a high quality and energy saving outdoor lighting solution for its port that is able to dissolve seamlessly into its spectacular environment. A specific aesthetics requirement was to find decorative lamps and posts that are available in white colour. Quick return on investment and low maintenance costs were also key factors in choosing the best solution.

”We were looking for a system that is not only high quality and can save energy but can also protect the invaluable landscape of our port” – explained László Rudolf, Facility Manager, MKB Club Hotel Füred.

“Another important factor in our decision was to be able to control and direct the light exactly at the areas needed without disturbing neighbours.”"

The solution

"Okapi LEDs with Decorative Arms and LED Area Lighters proved to be ideal solutions for the project. Okapi offers a great balance of design and function for efficient lighting of streets, parks & walkways up to six meter height, while the Area Lighter enables great lighting control for larger areas like parking lots & ports. Working closely together with Lumino-tech, GE Lighting delivered a custom-made lighting plan and was able to conduct installation up to the expectations.

Altogether 65 Okapi LEDs with wide or narrow optics have been installed along the pathways. From its three mounting options, the post top version was chosen for the site. With its advanced LED optical system, the Okapi LED allows improved lighting controls ensuring that light is directed only where it is needed and has a rated life of 50,000 hours.

32 LED AREA Lighters were placed at the tennis courts and along the port providing uniformity, improved vertical light distribution, reduced off-site and on-site glare and effective security light levels. Reduced energy consumption combined with a life expectancy of 10-12 years allow significant operating cost benefits over the lifetime of each luminaire. Thanks to its modular design, the LED Area Lighters easily met the specific needs of the location."

Results and benefits

"The new lighting system will save 45 % of the previous energy consumption and due to the multiplied life time of the luminaires, there will be significant savings in maintenance costs too. The project was delivered on a 4.3 years of calculated payback time, which was really appealing to the end user. In addition, not only the landscape of the location changed with the stylish solution but due to the white light produced by LED technology, and the possibility to control the rays of light, light levels improved and resulted in enhanced security and reduced light pollution at the lake.

”Compared to our previous lighting system this project is a great achievement, amongst others, security wise. The GE Lighting luminaires installed on the port are able to direct the light exactly to the port and not to the direction of the boats eliminating glaring.” – said László Rudolf, MKB. “The white light of LED technology allows us to better recognize movement in the port and also on the security cameras. It just feels safer. All this on top of the energy and maintenance savings and the stylish design makes it an ideal solution for us.”"

Project images

High resolution images of MKB Port Balatonfüred with GE Lighting
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