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GE Lighting has been instrumental in a pioneering scheme to renew the public lighting in the city of Motril, Spain.  The retro-fit of 70% of the city's inefficient lamps with a range of cutting-edge lamps and LEDs from GE Lighting has lead to an average energy saving of 25% and the project has been awarded the Benchmark of Excellence by the European Union, for the successful application of sustainable technologies.


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Date: 2010

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Our customer

Motril is located on the Costa Tropical in Spain and is considered the largest town in the coastal region. As part of the European Union's drive to cut 20% of carbon emissions by 2020, the city of Motril took on board the challenge of replacing existing, inefficient lamps to exceed the EU targets and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20% by 2012. 

The expectation

As a leading provider of energy efficient LEDs and light sources worldwide, GE Lighting was the ideal company to provide a complete solution for a wide range of applications falling under the project's remit, including main streets, pedestrianised areas, residential districts and areas with historical significance.

Our solution

Over 2238 GE fittings and lamps were installed in Motril. Several models of GE Lighting's Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) white lamps were installed to provide over 70% efficiencies and a long service life to help reduce maintenance and lifecycle costings. GE Iberia LEDs were also installed in Motril. Specifically developed for streetlighting applications, the new LEDs reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%.

In addition, the combination of CMH lamps and Iberia LEDs from GE Lighting replaced the existing yellow light sources in Motril with uniform white light, enhancing visual comfort for both pedestrians and drivers and creating a safer environment.

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Results & benefits

"Since the scheme began in 2008, the new public lighting scheme developed with GE Lighting has reduced lighting pollution, reduced the city's carbon foot and energy consumption," commented Simon Phillips, Commercial Director for EMEA at GE Lighting. "The new lighting combined with an energy saving system to reduce voltage, without comprising quality of light has helped achieve energy savings of up to 45% in some parts of the city."

GE Lighting is continually developing high quality lamps that are environmentally friendly, save energy and reduce maintenance costs and the company has already received the distinction Benchmark of Excellence for not just Motril - but Dunkerque, Verona and Budapest as well, demonstrating the company's technical excellence.

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