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Lighting the way for the many thousands of visitors expected to pour through the gates of the Olympic Park in the coming weeks - GE Lighting has supplied Blaze Signs UK with circa 25,000 Tetra® PowerMAX LED modules to deliver bright white light output and unparalleled uniformity across a range of sign faces.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

London 2012 has been the catalyst for transforming 2.5 square kilometres of land in East London. What was once industrial land has been rapidly transformed over the last few years into green space that both visitors to the Olympic Games and local residents can enjoy, and it is now officially the Olympic Park.

When leading Signage Company Blaze Signs UK was selected to provide the Way Finding Signage for the Olympic Park, the team turned to GE Lighting to provide a unique lighting solution that could deliver powerful performance but also contribute towards the sustainable legacy of the Olympic Games.

The expectation

For the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), it was particularly important, that visitors could easily find their way when moving around the Olympic Park. Creating a clear and visible signage system was a key part of building a customer friendly environment, where people can move from one event to the other with relative ease.

The solution

LED sign lighting in the Olympic Park by GE Lighting Europe

Tetra® PowerMAX LED Modules were selected for this purpose as they utilise Optilens (a GE Lighting patented lens technology) to create a wide distribution of light, capturing otherwise wasted light and redirecting it towards the illuminated surface.

This unique lens optimises each LED Module, which helps to reduce the amount of material needed in each sign – ultimately allowing greater ease of installation, super long life, greater energy efficiency and total reliability. In terms of energy efficiency, the Way Finding Signs installed at the Olympic Park consume up to 90% less energy than comparable signs illuminated with conventional lamp technology, an amazing feat when there is a huge area of sign face to illuminate both brightly and uniformly.

Results and benefits

Sustainability and environmental requirements have also been met by the fact that the LEDs installed have a useable life of 50,000 hours, do not contain materials hazardous to health or the environment and are mounted in such a way that when some of the signs are removed after the Olympic Games, all of the LED modules recovered can be re-used in other illuminated signage applications for many more years to come.

Spokesperson of Blaze Signs UK commented: “We're delighted with the finished result. With GE Lighting's help we've been able to create eye-catching signage that will really help visitors find their way around the Olympic Park as quickly and as safely as possible.”

Facts and numbers

Project images

LED sign lighting project in the Olympic Park - High-resolution images
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