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French frozen food chain Picard has achieved the ideal balance between improving the visibility of products in store and maximising energy savings with GE Lighting's LED Immersion RDL system.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

Picard is the largest French frozen food retailer chain with more than 800 supermarkets in several European cities. Since 1962, Picard has been selling food to French households and has been committed to managing resources in the most sustainable way.

The expectation

GE Retail LED Lighting at Picard 2

Picard wanted to improve the product visibility in vertical freezers as well as the energy savings, and at the same time reduce the annual lighting maintenance cost on its freezer units. As such, the company opted to replace its existing fluorescent tubes with the best in category LED system in close to 1200 doors over a three-year period throughout their supermarkets in France.

The solution

GE Retail LED Lighting at Picard 3

LED is an ideal solution for commercial refrigeration. Its lighting efficiency is superior to fluorescent lamps but with a much longer system life of 50,000 hours. Furthermore, GE Lighting's the Immersion LED system does not require time to heat up and it is not affected by cold environments or constant on/off switch. As a symbol of its quality and durability, the systems are backed up by a 5 year limited warranty.

Results and benefits

Arnaud Brulaire, Sustainable Development Manager in Picard commented: “Making the change from fluorescent lamps to GE LED RV40 RDL was simple to do in terms of installation and has allowed Picard to optimise performance at all levels. This is one of the few occasions where a project has allowed us to save energy and CO2 while at the same time improving light quality, which helps to improve product recognition and price tag visibility."

Facts and numbers

The RDL system provides Picard with homogeneous and uniform light with an average of 1150 lux at the shelves and a uniformity of 70%. In addition, the system allows energy savings with no maintenance and replacement costs for the average life of a freezer case.

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