GE Lighting and Pont de Louysse: Improving the Gastronomic Experience with Light

Hospitality Lighting

One of the requirements to fully enjoy a haute cuisine dish is to have more precise, more diffuse and better quality light. The light, color and smell are part of the ritual of tasting a delicious delicacy. The Pont de Louysse hotel-restaurant, which has been well aware of this fact over 5 generations, has renovated the lighting in its restaurant with GE Lighting LED lamps to get the most out of each visitor experience.


Sarlat-Souillac-Rocamadour, France see on map


Date: 2013

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What is important when tasting a good dish in an exceptional restaurant? It is not only the food that lets our senses enjoy the experience to the utmost. The atmosphere is essential: temperature, noise and light. Light: an indispensable factor to enhance textures, colors and sensations to the maximum.

The Pont de Louysse restaurant, located in the tourist destination of Sarlat-Souillac-Rocamadour near Bordeaux in southern France, seeks to offer unique experiences. Two steps away from the castle of Belcastel in an incomparable setting, this Michelin one-star restaurant has a curious history. When the bridge, which is located in front of the hotel, was being built in 1885, the workers would look for a place to eat every day and the nearest farm began to serve meals. That is how the restaurant began, and it was later enlarged with a hotel.

With mostly international guests, the Pont de Louysse hotel-restaurant offers signature cuisine based on regional specialties such as foie-gras, duck and pigeon, and it is known for its quality and personalized service in an exceptional natural setting.

Maintaining the Restaurant's Personality

Partial renovations are normal in the hotel sector, both to upgrade installations with more efficient technologies and to improve the premises making space for different uses. In this case, the restaurant removed a step that divided it into two levels to give more depth and spaciousness to the dining hall. “We wanted to maintain the room's personality but modernize the lighting systems. We aim to combine ambient lighting with individual lights to be able to create intimate spaces that help to appreciate the content of the dishes and their presentation”, says Mr. Chambón, owner and head of the restaurant.

The balance being sought for this restaurant was clear; energy efficiency had to be combined with considerable savings while maintaining the rustic personality of the setting. Quality was also an important factor, since the result was supposed to be more uniform, with areas of shadow but without too much intensity that would differentiate them excessively.

GE Lighting's GU10 LED: performance and design

The proposed solution for replacing the restaurant's halogen lamps was the LED GU10. The possibility of dimming the lights helped create an atmosphere according to needs, with different color temperatures to choose from, thus achieving a softer light that made the diners feel good and enjoy their experience more. The GE Lighting LED lamps were installed throughout the restaurant, especially in the areas that needed to be better illuminated for a longer time. A better implementation has been achieved, in terms of light fixture distribution, to enhance the quality of light without being too intense or dazzling.

"We are very happy with the result, since the durability and type of light is the solution that best adapted to the needs of this client, which has modernized its restaurant with a simple change of lamps. Design, durability and savings are some of the values more valuable in our relationship we have with GE Lighting", says M. Jean Pierre Magne, head of LGE, the distributor in charge of the renovation.

GE Lighting is constantly innovating to offer specific solutions for any need, as each client has its own personality. The soundness of the brand, which has been revolutionizing the sector since the invention of light, guarantees efficient solutions adapted to each and every application.

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