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In order to shed the right light on the exhibits of the former KGB prison in Potsdam, the foundation “Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte Leistikowstraße Potsdam“ relies on LED solutions developed by GE Lighting. GE Infusion™ LED Modules offer high flexibility, long life and reliability and help to preserve the authenticity of the exhibition.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

The foundation "Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte Leistikowstraße Potsdam" was founded in 2008. Since April 2012, a permanent exhibition in the former prison building informs visitors about the history of this place by focusing on 50 biographies of former detainees, retold by impressive exhibits.

The expectation

In order to present the permanent exhibition in the most authentic way, all the rooms were left in their genuine state. Also, the foundation was looking for the best fitting lighting solution for the exhibits displayed. Since lighting has a major impact on the visitor's impression and may also damage the exhibits, the right choice is particularly important. The challenge at Leistikowstraße was that the lighting solution had to preserve the atmosphere as much as possible while illuminating the exhibits professionally without damaging them.

The solution

GE Infusion LED Modules at the Prison Museum in Potsdam

The architectural office "carsten gerhards architekten und ausstellungsgestalter" from Berlin took this challenge. It designed and technically planned the customized luminaires and called for tender. Birke Leuchten consultant company from Pegau near Leipzig was assigned to build the customized solutions for an accentuated lighting of the exhibits at Leistikowstraße. CEO Matthias Birke opted for GE Lighting's Infusion™ LED module system: "This system offers unparalleled ease of use.

The colars, LED modules and reflectors allow for a tool-free connection and combination via a simple twist & lock action. This twist & lock mechanism enables a tool-free combination of different LED modules and reflectors to fulfill a countless number of lighting requirements. This is a unique feature of the GE Infusion™ System. Thus, the system offers its customer a high degree of flexibility and gives us the opportunity to fulfill a range of lighting application requirements with just one solution.” Since the gentle LED light of the GE Infusion™ modul system is emitting neither infrared nor ultraviolet radiation, which could damage the exhibits, it offers the perfect solution for museum and gallery lighting.

“The particular challenge of this project was the fact that only the small quantity of about 60 customized luminaires were required by the customer“, says engineer Wolfgang Scheffler, who supervised the project for GE Lighting as OEM Sales Manager, Central Europe. “The manufacturing of customized lighting applications is generally very expensive and the client has to make a considerable advanced payment. Here, our Infusion™ module system is a real game changer: it is a quick and cost efficient solution since it is designed as a combinable system, which is instantly ready-to-use. Apart from the colar and the actual LED module, GE Lighting also offers the matching optical accessories. As a result, no additional reflector customization was required, saving the customer not only time but also money.”

Facts and numbers

Results and benefits

In comparison to classic halogen lamps, GE Infusion™ LED modules installed in the former KGB prison in Potsdam reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent. In addition, the LED system also improves the safety of the visitors: "The exhibition is frequently visited by school classes and many of the installations are in reach of the children", says Scheffler. "While contact with halogen lamps can easily cause burn injuries, LEDs hardly discharge any heat and are therefore the safer option." The focus of the exhibition is on the former inmates who once suffered at Leistikowstraße. This is accentuated by the non-intrusive lighting installation. The genuine state of the exhibition space paired with the lighting installation makes a visit a plastic and moving experience.

A professional solution for museum lighting

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