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570 of the Repsol Service Stations went through a lighting system upgrade using GE Lighting's RV40 refrigerator display lighting (RDL). This resulted in a significant 75% reduction in the amount of energy consumed and also enhanced the visual appeal of the food products in its service stations.


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Date: 2012

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Our customer

Repsol is the leading oil & gas company in Spain and number 10 in the ranking of the world's most admired companies in the sector (Fortune, 2012). With 4,000 stations in Spain, Repsol's services include the sale of refrigerated food products. The company recognised the need to improve the quality of its product displays and at the same time reduce energy consumption. As such, the decision was made to replace the existing fluorescent lighting with GE Lighting's Immersion RV40 LED systems.

The expectation

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting at Repsol

Good lighting is essential to attract the customer and to care for the quality of the food. Fluorescent lighting systems dissipate part of their energy in the form of heat, creating hot points that can eventually affect the taste, structure and preservation of the products, reduce their display time and detract from their visual appearance. LED technology, such as GE Lighting's Immersion RV40 systems, do not generate heat or ultraviolet radiation making them an ideal solution for food displays and other products that can be affected by light.

Another important factor to take into consideration is that the higher temperature caused by the lighting causes overexertion of the refrigerator compressors, since they have to use more energy to reach the level of cooling required for optimal product preservation. The changeover to Immersion RV40 LED lighting systems for Repsol has reduced energy costs and also lengthened the lifecycle of the refrigerators, as they do not have to run above the programmed power.

The solution

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting at Repsol

3,000 Immersion RV40 LED luminaires have been installed in the refrigerators of 570 Repsol service stations. These new GE Lighting lamps were chosen because of the multitude of advantages offered by the LED technology in comparison to traditional fluorescent systems. With GE Lighting's Immersion RV40 LED series, the Repsol refrigerated displays are illuminated with a clear and uniform white light that highlights the true colors of the products.

The Immersion RV40 RDL luminaire has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours and provides more than 1,000 lumens with only 16 watts of power, which reduces energy, maintenance and relamping costs and at the same time CO2 emissions.

Results and benefits

After installing the new Immersion RV40 LEDs, the technical team of GE Lighting calculates that the average energy saving is 75% when compared to the previous fluorescent lighting systems. According to Juan Francisco García, Sales General Manager of GE Lighting, Iberia: “With this change of lighting, Repsol managed to cut its energy costs and at the same time, its refrigerated food products are better preserved. Moreover, the Immersion RV40 series uses an innovative optical design that enhances the light distribution, making the products visually more appealing to the customer."

Facts and numbers

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