Urban section of BR-153, in Marília (SP), receives GE Lighting illumination

LED Technology

São Paulo, December, 2013 – The urban section of BR-153, in Marília (SP), has just received energetically efficient lighting. There are totally 246 LED lights, which guarantee energy saving compared to the conventional lighting. Transbrasiliana Concessionária de Rodovia S/A is the company responsible for the realization of the project for the improvement execution. The new lighting, implemented by GE Lighting, was designed by Haz Engenharia and executed by Elétrica Colombo in order to provide higher visibility for the drivers on the road, because the LED technology improves the color visualization three times.
Furthermore, the useful life of the LED lights is approximately five times longer than the sodium vapor lights, with reduced maintenance cost. And another advantage is the fact that their disposal is not prejudicial to the environment, as they don´t contain toxic substances, which have high pollution power.
The choice of the GE LEDs also provided significant savings of resources, because it optimizes the distribution of the post, with longer distance between them, keeping the lighting levels adequate along time. The LED color reproduction index enables seeing the objects with the real characteristics at night. “The LED lamps improve the lighting along the road, because some of the solutions used have various possibilities of luminosity distribution. And we develop a specific project to fulfill the local needs”.

“We believe that the section contemplated in the Transbrasiliana project will be highly benefited with the new lighting. The drivers, who pass through the region, will have a higher visibility during the night period. This contributes significantly to increase the road safety, and as a consequence, the reduction of the risks of accidents”, Ivete Roumieh, Haz Engenharia (position) affirms.
The lighting system was also installed at two posts of the Federal Highway Police, which provided the policemen with higher visibility of the cars that pass on the highway. The solution also benefits the drivers, who can easily locate the post in case of any emergency. 
“The duplication of the urban section of the ‘BR' in Marília was an old claim of the users of the highway and the inhabitants of the surrounding areas.  Thus, different improvements have been carried out in the engineering area with the implementation of roundabouts, pluvial galleries, new lanes and ramp crosswalks for the pedestrians. In addition to these, others with great importance are also foreseen, among which are the complete lighting of the section. With the implementation of this modern lighting system, we will be providing tranquility to the drivers, the surrounding communities and merchants that operate in the region. This is, without a doubt, a great conquest, which benefits everyone”, Gianpaulo Novelli, engineering superintendent at Transbrasiliana completes.


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Date: 2014

GE Lighting Solutions 

The company was responsible for the lighting of 12 points, such as crossroads and bridges in the BR-153 section. 296 lights LED ERS2, 130 watts, 19 lights LED ERS3, 196 watts and finally three projectors LED Flood, 90 watts were delivered.

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