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Team Cuir, the high-end leather goods distributor nearby Paris, has chosen GE Lighting to embellish its fashion accessories with its LED luminaires. Top brands show their colors, texture and quality at their best with Infusion and GU10. Besides they are extremely efficient and achieve significant savings.


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Date: 2013

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French leather industry comes from a long handcrafted tradition, which has positioned it in the top of the fashion world with the highest international renown. With revenues of more than 15 billion euros, France has focused in the past years on high-end manufactured products giving priority to quality and design over quantity. Top French brands owe 2/3 of its income to leather goods, as the luxury market has not been affected by the economic crisis.

Team Cuir is the exclusive distributor for top brands. They manufacture its luxury accessories with the best leather in the market that is chosen by its scarcity, the finesse of its grain or the absence of defects. Its products are unique and made up with the best quality. This is the reason why leather has to be taken care of at all time, avoiding heat and light exposure so the pieces do not become weary and cracked.

LED: Showing Leather at its Best

For the showroom renovation, Team Cuir was looking for a lighting solution that could create an enhanced lighting scenario with accent on the colours, textures and quality of all the clothing accessories, but would also take care of the delicate materials used in their products —particularly leather, which is very sensitive, and would give a modern look to the space.

The group decided to go with LED technology based on the favourable characteristics it offers: free of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, emitting very low heat, thus enabling users to avoid the discoloration or drying of materials exposed to their light, such as leather in this case.

GE solutions were selected for their light efficacy and low power consumption, but above all for their flexibility. GE Lighting met Team Cuir's needs: the lighting fixtures with metal halide lamps and the halogen sources had to be replaced by LED solutions, enabling the atmosphere of the showroom to be improved, the products to be spotlighted without damaging them, and the electric bill to be reduced.

GE's Infusion: The Flexible Revolution

The 24 track spot Infusion™ LED fixtures installed offer ample modularity in terms of lighting spaces. Very easy to use, they enable their users to design ambient or accent lighting schemes. Each solution is composed of the following four elements: a downlight, a holder, an interchangeable LED module and an optic. This adaptive system is assembled in the twinkling of an eye: the LED module and the optic in the fixture can be replaced by a simple twist, enabling the user to vary and multiply the lighting effects, the colour temperature and the beam angle so as to create an innovative staging for the most stimulating shopping experience in the Team Cuir showroom. What's more, the rail mounting of the fixtures enables the light to be focused precisely on the desired point.

Gérard Thiriet, TEAM CUIR director, explains: “GE Lighting's solutions offer ease of use and, above all, a very high degree of modularity thanks to a single spotlight. This design has allowed us to optimize our lighting and to make light a real differentiating tool. Our articles are visually enhanced and we've already seen an increase in the number of visitors to our showroom".

Moreover, the replacement of the previously installed 50W halogen lamps by 44 6W dimmable LED GU10 lamps has produced additional energy savings that can reach up to 80% savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

“Recommending customized solutions to each of our customers is one of the strengths of our group. We proposed the combination of these two solutions so that TEAM CUIR could benefit from all the advantages offered by LEDs: not only because they offer a high quality light, but because they also enable the user to optimize power consumption and minimize costs. In addition, the design of our lighting solutions improves the customers' shopping experience," says Nicolas Boyer, Retail Key Account Manager for GE Lighting France.

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