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High street travel agent Thomas Cook is trialing a new lighting scheme developed by GE Lighting. The Peterborough branch has been refurbished using the latest LED technology, which is set to improve the outlet's look and feel whilst significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. The scheme includes GE Lighting's Lumination™ recessed LED portfolio, the first true replacement to conventional 600 x 600 lighting fixtures.


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Date: 2012

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The expectation

As part of its commitment to reduce its environmental impact, Thomas Cook is looking to reduce energy consumption across its 900 retail stores. Currently, the stores are lit using linear fluorescents for ambient lighting, with halogen spots illuminating the entrance and merchandising displays. GE Lighting was tasked with developing a one-for-one retrofit that reduced energy consumption - but not at the expense of light quality.

Our solution

Throughout the ambient areas of the store, GE Lighting used Lumination™, an industry leading 600sq LED panel. Compared to fluorescent technology, Lumination™ achieves energy savings of up to 70%, eliminates maintenance costs for over 10 years and offers full controllability.

James Fleet, Head of Retail for GE Lighting explains, “Lumination is arguably the most exciting LED product to hit retail in the last 50 years. It offers customers outstanding performance from a light quality, uniformity and efficacy perspective. We have been able to improve the look and feel within the store whilst ensuring we meet Thomas Cook's operational cost reduction and sustainability targets”.

Within the accent applications, GE Lighting has used its LED Infusion™ Module embodied into a Compact Lighting Downlight. A high output, interchangeable LED module, Infusion™ creates a welcoming entrance and highlights the merchandise displays within the store. Through a twist and lock motion, Thomas Cook can interchange the LED module as and when the technology upgrades without replacing the luminaire – by so doing, sustainability is optimised.

Results & benefits

Victoria Barlow, Energy Manager at Thomas Cook explains, “Thomas Cook is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, however we cannot compromise the look and feel of our branch network. We are delighted with the results and the positive feedback from customers and staff – there has been a dramatic aesthetic improvement and operationally we have seen a significant cost reduction. We are working with GE Lighting to replicate the success of Peterborough across our estate and continue our sustainability drive”.

Facts and numbers

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