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16.000 lamps of the city have been replaced by GE Lighting's Lucalox™ XO and 3.200 by Streetwise™. By 2015, 50.000 lamps are expected to be equipped with solutions developed by GE Lighting.


Toulouse, France see on map


Date: 2012

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Our customer

Efficient outdoor light source in Toulouse

The “Pink City” is the fourth largest commune in France, with a metropolitan area with more than 1 million inhabitants, and the first in terms of demographic growth for several decades. During recent years, the city has boosted its growth with sectors such as aeronautics, electronics, chemicals and biotechnology. It is especially known at an international level as the industrial centre of the aerospatial sector: manufacturers like Airbus, Galileo or CNE (biggest spatial centre in Europe) are located in Toulouse.

The expectation

The energy consumed by Toulouse' roadway lighting is very high because of the elevated number of luminaires – approximately 65,000 and increasing 1% every year. A large number of lamps are just reaching the end of their useful life, which means that the city had to decide about the replacement options. The key factors were: the initial investment should be low, the savings should be significant and the quality of light should improve residents' comfort. The outcome was to carry out the replacement in 4 phases. The high pressure sodium vapour (HPSV) lamps in the fixtures located on roadways and the metal haloid (CMH) lamps in pedestrian areas will be replaced at the end of their lifetime to more efficient ones light sources.

The solution

Relamping project in Toulouse with GE Lighting

SCT, the company supplying light bulbs to the city of Toulouse recommended to choose GE Lighting because of its reliability and capacity to offer a comprehensive solution with proven results. GE Lighting proposed the Lucalox XO Superlife and Streetwise lamps, each for a specific place, as they help to reduce consumption and maintenance costs due to their long lifetime. They also provide greater lighting comfort thanks to their high chromatic reproduction indexes.

The LongLife version of the Lucalox XO, the solution selected for roadways, multiplies the lifetime duration by two. It is provided with a double burner so the lamp can stay on double the time with improved maintenance of the luminous flux. This significantly reduces maintenance and replacement expenses. It achieves a luminous efficiency of up to 150 lumens/watt, and it is the perfect solution for cutting energy costs and ideal for lighting highways. This significant reduction of maintenance costs easily covers the purchase cost, without considering that the maintenance personnel are more productive, they can be assigned to more useful tasks than replacing or repairing light bulbs.

The Streetwise™ is the solution selected for sidewalks and for accident black spots such as roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. In addition to its high levels of light, the light it provides is white and chromatically similar to “daylight”, thus boosting the ability of drivers and pedestrians to recognize shapes and colours and helping to improve peripheral vision. The performance of the Streetwise™ lamps is greater than most high density systems, and their dimming capability is also appealing.

Results and benefits

Lucalox and Streetwise lamps chosen by the city council of Toulouse

To date, 16.000 lamps of the city have been replaced by GE Lighting's Lucalox™ XO and 3.200 by Streetwise™. It is expected that the project will be carried out in 4 different phases, lasting one year each. In 2015, 50.000 lamps (about 80% of the lighting fixtures) will be equipped with solutions developed by GE Lighting. From the perspective of the Public Lighting Service (SEP), replacing the standard metal halogen bulbs with the Streetwise lamp is justifiable because of its long life – the current ones last three years versus four for Streetwise – and also because it has a lower failure rate. The possibility of graduation is an advantage, since little by little the network is being equipped with power reducers and soon 10% of the network will have them.

With everything being reequipped, the SEP will standardize the solutions for greater efficiency, economy and stock reductions. The GE Lighting solutions are currently the only available tested, operational solutions with such a long lifetime. “This project is an important proof of our outdoor lighting capability – Phillippe Moreau, Sales Manager of the project from GE Lighting says. Our products are proven to be matching the requirements that a modern city can ask for, from energy and maintenance cost savings to safer roads and emphasized aesthetics.”

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