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GE Lighting has worked closely with China Resources Vanguard since 2008 providing its supermarkets with high-quality and energy-efficient lighting solutions. In 2011, GE Lighting fitted more than 25 Vanguard supermarkets with LED Tetra signage lighting solutions and several others with its T5 Watt-Miser indoor lighting fixtures and ConstantColour CMH lamps. China Resources Vanguard is one of

Mr. Shen Xiaowei, GE Lighting OEM Sales Engineer, commented: "For general in-store lighting, the existing system used was not energy-efficient and required frequent maintenance and the quality of signage lighting could also be improved. At GE, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs so that we can be a trusted advisor for all their lighting requirements. We proposed a new lighting solution for the supermarkets' exteriors and interiors, which ensured that the original lighting standard is enhanced while achieving energy and maintenance savings for China Resource Vanguard."


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Date: 2013

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Our customer

China Resources Vanguard had sought to improve the quality of the outdoor signage for its supermarkets. The requirement was to provide 800 lux for green areas and 1000 lux for yellow areas respectively, with lumen maintenance at over 70% in 5 years. With this in mind, GE Lighting specified the GE Tetra miniMAX system for signage illumination at 25 Vanguard supermarkets last year. The new signage lights effectively increased panel illumination by 20% while providing energy savings of about 43%. GE's Tetra miniMAX system fits for miniature channel letter lighting for logo letters and is also ideal for cove lighting, accent or border lighting for commercial buildings.

In-store Illumination

For general lighting within the supermarkets, the previous lighting system was not energy-efficient and required frequent maintenance. The key consideration for the new system was to maintain original lighting standards while achieve energy savings of about 8%. GE Lighting went on to fit out the interior of several Vanguard supermarkets with the 2*28W T5 Watt-Miser system. The elegant, slim T5 Watt-Miser fluorescent lamps are environmentally friendly, offer a long life of 25,000 hours, which greatly reduces the maintenance and replacement costs for users.  This new system offered up to 111Im/W luminous efficacy and achieved 8% energy saving while maintaining the original illumination standard.

Energy Savings

GE Lighting's new solutions translated into concrete savings for China Resources Vanguard both on the operating and environmental fronts. On an operating level, it will enjoy estimated energy savings of approximately 20% or about US$26,607 per year. The investment payback can be achieved within 2 years. From an environmental perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating approximately 330,000 lbs of carbon dioxide car emissions per year, or creating 40.3 acres of new trees.

Mr. Fu Guanghui, Equipment Sourcing Manager of China Resources Vanguard supermarkets, added:"We have worked with GE Lighting since 2008 and we appreciate their team's in-depth understanding of our lighting needs. With GE's solutions, the quality of lighting is optimized at our supermarkets while the entire retail ambience indoors is enhanced. Our supermarkets also stand out prominently at night with the improved signage illumination. We look forward to working with the GE team on our future lighting needs."

The solution

Tetra® miniMAX
The Tetra® miniMAX system utilizes the OptiLens technology to maximize the area of light coverage to produce outstanding uniformity. It is ideal for miniature channel letter lighting for logo letters (minimum thickness of up to 38mm) to enhance the brand image of the customer. It comes with pre-set easy mounting and an over-molded design which protects the components from moisture. The system is ideal for various applications including for small scale advertising signboards as well as interior cove, accent or border lighting. Users have a choice of a full range of colors including white, warm white, red, blue and green.

T5 Watt-Miser™
T5 Watt-Miser™ brings energy savings to a higher level: achieves the same lumen output compared to standard T5 LFL but with a 5% decrease in energy consumption. If the total system efficiency is taken into account, an energy saving as high as 45% can be achieved compared to standard T8 system. It offers a long life of 25,000 hours, which will greatly reduce the maintenance and replacement costs for users. There are various colour temperature choices: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 6500K. T5 Watt-Miser lamps are widely used in retail, offices, school, commercial and industrial lighting application.

GE provides green Solutions for China's Vanguard Supermarket Chain

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