Download your free GE Dialux Plug-in for a brand new designing experience!

Save time through a new user experience. The GE plugin is filled with plenty of additional solutions like customizable collection, inspirational materials and of course a completely up to date product information and catalogue.

Key plug-in features

  • Fast and efficient
  • Up to date product info
  • Custom collection
  • Inspiration material
  • New interface
  • Industry relevant news

New to Dialux?

Try this simple and effective light planning software open to all luminaires by GE.
If you know how it works, try it now with our products.

With the GE plugin you will have the chance to find the products you need and create a digital design of your ideas with Dialux.
It's simple and efficient – just like the professional lighting solutions provided by GE Lighting.

What are the benefits of Dialux?

  • Simple, effective and professional light planning
  • Latest state of the art software always available free of charge
  • Fits perfectly into designers' existing workflow.
  • Energy evaluation at the drop of a hat
  • Coloured light scenes with LED or other colour changing luminaires
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Dialux Design Interface

Get Some Help from LUMsearch

LUMsearch is a free online search engine accessible by anyone. Thanks to advanced search options, professional lighting planners, architects, and interior designers can quickly and conveniently find the perfect lighting solution. The search results can be printed, saved to favourite lists, or forwarded to computer-aided lighting design tools such as DIALux. Additionally, users can send a product inquiry to manufactures directly from the online platform. LUMsearch is currently the largest database for lighting products worldwide. It includes more than 200,000 products from over 140 globally operating lighting fixture manufacturers.

LUMsearch Interface

LUMsearch Interface

GE DIALux plug-in

You can carry out simple and professional light planning by using the GE Dialux plug-in. You can find our indoor and outdoor luminaires and all the related technical files in our eCatalogue

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