Environment-friendly lights by GE Lighting Europe

Safe products – safe globe

Everything we do has an influence on the world around us. At GE Lighting we do our best to ensure our work has only positive effects on the world around us, whether it is developing energy saving products, using environmental friendly materials or managing waste effectively. Meeting regulatory obligations are the minimum we can do. Our goal is to go beyond that. Maintaining high environment, health and safety standards is more than simply a good business practice; it is a fundamental responsibility to our employees, customers, contractors and the environment we all share.

ErP for non-directional household lighting

Regulation ((EC) No 244/2009) establishes ecodesign requirements for the placing on the market of non-directional household lamps, including when they are marketed for non-household use or when they are integrated into other products.
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Energy efficiency at GE Lighting Europe

Guide for choosing eco-friendly lights

As it is not always easy to find our way through all the environmentally friendly lighting solutions, we would like to provide you a comprehensive guide about the eco-friendly features and alternatives of CFL, HID, LFL, halogen and automotive lamps by GE Lighting Europe.
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Replacing halogen and incandescent lamps with GE Lighting Europe

Lamp alternatives for more efficient lighting

On September 1st, 2009 a new European Union regulation came into effect, preventing the manufacture of certain type of inefficient lamps for the EU market. The new legislation has been implemented to increase the use of efficient lamps by the public and industry.
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Making our product eco-friendly

GE's environmental, health and safety (EHS) vision is clear and simple. We must keep our workers safe on the job, ensure that we are good neighbours to the communities in which we do business by complying with environmental laws and regulations, and addressing historical contamination issues cooperatively and completely.
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