Environment-friendly lights by GE Lighting Europe

Safe products – safe globe

Everything we do has an influence on the world around us. At GE Lighting we do our best to ensure our work has only positive effects on the world around us, whether it is developing energy saving products, using environmental friendly materials or managing waste effectively. Meeting regulatory obligations are the minimum we can do. Our goal is to go beyond that. Maintaining high environment, health and safety standards is more than simply a good business practice; it is a fundamental responsibility to our employees, customers, contractors and the environment we all share.

Health and safety at GE Lighting Europe

Health and safety at GE Lighting

At GE, a dedicated team is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of employees, applying world-class expectations, operational tools and training. GE's focus on health and safety extends beyond the company's walls as well, as it works with suppliers to help ensure a safe and healthy workplace for their own employees.
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EHS excellence at GE Lighting Europe

Environment we are working in

GE's commitment to environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence starts at the top. EHS is an integral part of GE's integrity policy and every employee is responsible for driving EHS excellence.
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