Energy efficiency at GE Lighting Europe

Guide for choosing eco-friendly lights

As it is not always easy to find our way through all the environmentally friendly lighting solutions, we would like to provide you a comprehensive guide about the eco-friendly features and alternatives of CFL, HID, LFL, halogen and automotive lamps.

Eco-friendly lighting solutions

Type of Product Lifetime Energy efficiency UV-radiation Application area
Automotive Lamps Xensation™ 3000 hr 80-90 lm/W (Glossary) UV control Automotive Lighting
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Biax™ Q/E
Electronic Biax™
Biax™ 2D™
12-15000 hr 60-75 lm/W At least 100 UV PET Alternative for incandescent lamps
Halogen Lamps Precise™
4-5000 hours 5-20 % more efficient than incandescent lamps UV-control Ideal for display lighting
High-Intensity Discharge Lamps Lucalox™
Up to 28500 hr Maximum 150 lm/W UV control
  • Retail lighting,
  • Greenhouses
  • City beautification,
  • Decorative exterior lighting
Linear Fluorescent Lamps PolyluxXLR™
& Polylux XL™
Starcoat™ T5
15-20000 hr 104 lm/W UV control Ideal for lighting large open areas
  • Offices
  • Commercial, industrial and public buildings

More info about light quality, lifetime, packaging, driver and end-of-life safety as well as UV control and energy efficiency